Saturday morning things

One of the reasons I like Jonathan Coulton’s Skullcrusher Mountain so much is that there’s nothing in the lyrics that fixes either the mad scientist’s gender or that of the person that is being sung to. This means that I can sing it as a girl singing to a boy even though generally if you think of evil scientists with lairs on Skullcrusher Mountain as male.

Code Monkey by contrast is written autobiographically so is very explicit about Code Monkey being a guy in love with a woman.

Summer is here already in Wellington, we’ve had warm all week and yesterday was absolutely stunning. Looks like today will be as well. I saw a pod of dolphins in the harbour yesterday, they were swimming back and forth around the Frank Kitts park area. Really big pod of about 10, amazing stuff. Made me want to run out on my job, hire a kayak and go and join them. I didn’t though.

Writing projects are springing up all over the place. It’s a good thing. All leads towards the dream. I have been having ‘ohnoes’ this week about how it’s possibly all out of reach and I should stop trying but I squish them back down again as fast as I can. Did give me a short story idea though, so that’s all good.

Thoughts on redrafting: You have to do it with a set of rules in mind. Like, ‘I will remove all the adverbs unless they are absolutely, positively necessary’ or ‘I will take out everything that I have already said before’. If you go into redrafting with a nebulous goal like ‘make it better’ then you can get stuck second guessing yourself. Because nothing is ever going to be perfect, and you have to step away from it at some point. If you give yourself concrete guidelines then it becomes much easier to finish.

PoF: Pjs
CO: feet went to sleep


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