PTA: The Other Side Quotes

Previously on The Other Side….the first three episodes and the second lot of quotes.

At Omnicron, Addie has an idea…
Addie: I think we need to get the word out start an advertising campaign, maybe get a TV spot.
Evil plant Squire: Pop ups on the websites.

The Depps are concerned over the disappearance of Sam.
Sam’s mother Sandra: Couldn’t you ask your friend at the Embassy to look for him?
Sam’s dad John: I don’t have any friends at the Embassy.

Sam, at the Embassy, being lectured at length by Isaac.
Sam: Did you want me to talk at all or are you happy just continuing to talk to yourself?
Isaac: Well, I do prefer to provide both sides of the conversation because at least I know I’ll get an intelligent answer.
Sam: Oh I’m sorry, you asked me before if I knew anything about the Embassy bombing and I thought that meant you wanted information. But I can see you want to go on talking so go ahead.

During another difficult talk between Addie and Delores, a phone rings.
Delores: Hello?
Squire: Table destroyed! Requisitions! Form P27!

After the commercial has been filmed for Omnicron…
Black Knight: Now that I have seen you in front of the camera, I am seeing you in a new light.
Sophie: That’s really shallow. I like it!

Isaac on the phone to a superior, talking about Sam: He’s not interested in co-operating because he’s a stubborn jackass…yes. Just like me. Sir.
Sam’s father shoots at Sam (accidentally), Sam runs and hides. Isaac finds her and shares his hip flask.
Isaac: You’re not driving.

Sam sneaks back into his parents’ house to find evidence as seen in a dream that his/her parents were responsible for the Embassy bombing. The Other One notices him/her climbing up the trellis.
The Other One: I think I’m going to tell your parents you’re here.
Sam: Who even are you?

The sky darkens and purple light glows over the house. The Other One: Looks like a prophecy storm.
Sam: Nah, it’s my sister.

Addie and Squire have a fight over where to go. Addie picks up Squire to make him go with her.
Squire: Ah! Bad touching!

The roses: Two more princes on the ground
we will feast and go round and round
that’s not right, I thought there was a better rhyme.

In her room Kelly is floating in mid air and glowing with purple light.
Rat: You totally barged in!
Sam: Kelly? We kinda need to talk. Have you learned nothing since we’ve been here?
Kelly: I’ve learned from the rats.

Later on…Sam: The good news is that I got her consciousness back from the rats.
Isaac Are you on drugs?
Sam: I wish I was.
Isaac: I wish I was.

Re: the death dome that Sam and family are trapped inside: I guess it would be pointless to ask why someone invented something like this?
Sam: Where’s the grimoire?
Rat: In her room. Behind the My Little Pony books.

Alfredo turns up to his wedding as a rose-bush in man shape.
Vizier: I can see that your bachelor party was….eventful.

The Other One has a vision of Good King Ulfred, long deposed and deceased: I know you! You’re that dead guy.
Ulfred: Yes. I am the dead guy.

At the wedding Big Magic happens and Alfredo becomes infected with Sam’s gender change curse. The King is assassinated, the Vizier becomes a giant could of evil and Sam becomes an ultra-buff older and weapons trained version of himself.

The signature punch of the Garidbaldi line? Crotch punch.

Isaac: How are you doing?
Sam: I killed like, ten guys.
Isaac: Huh. We’ll organise some counselling for you later.
Steve: Enrico falls to the ground and he cries and he’s playing to the news cameras but there is a shred of sincerity in there.
Isaac: Could you get a change of clothes for…The Princess? Maybe something in a powder blue beret? (i.e. U.N. uniform.)
Sam: So gay.
Sam: Yes. And I’m not interested in you.

Random out of game comments of interest:
Steve: I retract my Delores.
Svend: Sticking your junk in a beehive.

Omnicron employees meet up with The Other One to save the world.

Sophie: Trolls can’t lie, they aren’t smart enough. Orcs are smarter, that can become Buddhists.
The Other One reminding Sam’s Dad that he’s seen Sam recently: Remember? There were hugs. But not for you.

Isaac: So the skewer. The pig sticker. The sword. Do you know how to use it?
Sam: Yeah.
Isaac: *wtf?*
Sam: *IDK*

The dead Fifi appears to Alfredo in a superfluous shower scene in the safety of the Earth Embassy.
Princess Ally (formally Alfredo): What can I do for you?
Fifi: Oh I don’t know. Die a horrible death?
Ally: why?
Fifi: Amuse me?
Ally: there might be a problem with killing the Vizier. He might have turned into an incorporeal cloud of smoke.

Sam: How did you get into the UN?
Fifi: Are you trying to tell me you don’t think the UN is a gateway to Hell?
Sam:… point.
Isaac: Sam?
Sam: How is this my fault?

Fifi takes sweet sweet demonic revenge on Enrico: Come and meet your family.
Enrico: No, no. I want to stay here for a thousand years and be the evil king.
Fifi: You can do that downstairs.


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