The Winding City

We shot the first bunch of stuff today for Conan’s The Winding City web TV project. We got heaps done, literally heaps and an extra scene as well. We had no camera person so Lee did it. I taught Nick how to log shots. I held the boom for one shot. It was awesome fun.

I had some awesome down time with the other actors running lines (learning my long confusing line of evile), joking, looking through the Prado museum book that Giffy sent me and generally making new friends. It was awesome. There should be some good behind the scenes footage of three of us on the bed together. (ooh err)

I think I did pretty well in my scenes, but it’s very cool and humbling to watch real professionals (or near professionals) working. The way they can just inhabit the role and make you really believe in their motivations. I have it pretty easy since Conan more or less wrote my role for me and I have no emotional motivations or romance plotlines I don’t have as much to sell. The others do and from what I could see, watching the shooting, they did it.

We had an awesome crew and Nick and Nasia were very kind to let us invade their house in such a thorough way for an entire Sunday. It’s a fantastic location, lots of big rooms and great flow.

So, I’m pretty tired out now. Feet sore and head sleepy. I always forget how draining filming is.

PoF: relaxation
CO: 80s movies


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