Wednesday Writing

Productive week.

Roleplaying kinda petered out last night so I used the extra time to do some redrafting. Today I did some more and came to the end of the stuff I’d gone through with a pen. I’m up to page uh, 89 now. I have to go through it with a pen before I can do more typing, but that’s a huge amount done since I got the motivation last week.

Still a little sad about the rejection letter but I’m gonna put that down to having PMT emotions up the wazoo. Dumb hormones. I don’t want a baby! Or do I? I just want to cry. Um, my point here was meant to be: Thanks to everyone who left encouraging comments on my previous entry. It’s very appreciated and you all speak the truthiness. I am not very tempted to start a zine, because right now I’m a bit money-making-focussed and I’m also not that clear on how I’d manage to produce such a thing (printing, distribution, etc). Maybe some day though.

I also had an idea for a new short story. And three short stories to follow up Pestilence which is the dream-inspired longer horror story that freaked me out a little.

Linkies: 10 ways to beat (blog) writer’s block is a neat article of neatness. I especially like the bit about Hemingway recommending you stop in the middle of something so that you can pick it up immediately the next day. If I didn’t love the satisfaction of finishing tasks so much I would try this.

I like reading ‘how to’ books by people I believe know what they are talking about. Hence I am excited to find this and once I have my Christmas bonus I believe I shall purchase it. I am currently part way through On Writing Science Fiction which is written by publishers and editors and is very good. It includes some sci fi short stories for illustrative purposes and some of them are freaking awesome.