Things I Love Thursday

  • Dolphins in the harbour! I guess it’s kinda easy to forget that we live in a port town and that in addition to the ships above the water there are fauna thriving. You remember when you see a big old pod of brown dolphins frolicking outside Te Papa. They were cruising around by the floating crane. Love watching them swim about and jump out of the water(!) and slap their tails on the surface of the water. And uh, getting it on as well.
  • I adore the plushies and bags on Paper Fish, they’re just so darned cute! I am also super excited about the gorgeous Swedish stationery from Kikki-K, who apparently have a shop in the Hutt mall. I am so there.
  • Concert FM. We listen to it in the mornings as an alarm clock. This week I knew the answer to the CD competition so I entered online. While there I found the bio of my favourite ‘classic mornings’ presenter. Peter.. I like him because he makes funny jokes and sometimes gets the time wrong. He has a nice voice, which is also important.
  • The hand felted, hand dyed orange merino notebook cover that my travel moleskine lives in. It�s all soft to touch and the colour is so bright and fun…It makes me very happy. Ideally it would be about an inch smaller, but it was made for a spiral bound notebook, not a moleskine. A ribbon mostly keeps it in place.
  • Selling stuff. Had some solid interest in my hand stencilled Twilight t-shirts. Awesome.
  • Getting free stuff. Working as the main person on a small service website can have benefits. Tasty baked benefits I discovered this week. Mmmm tasty baking. Free stuff makes me happy.
  • Dreaming. I love my night time dreams, because of the crack smoking plots and the celebrity cameos and story fodder. I love day dreaming about potential futures. If I couldn�t dream I think I would go insane.

Honourable mentions: superheroes, choosing photographs for my lj advent calendar, writing, chatting with friends in Amsterdam (hee hee), The Winding City filming experience on Sunday, my friends, my Lee, Gala Darling�s photographs, staring at all the lovely books on my bookshelves, looking forward to time off over Christmas and dolphins.

PoF: stop cutting the magic tree
CO: dolphins