Another awesome weekend

Seriously, how can my weekends rock so hard? Summer weekends are totally the best because being out in the sun makes me happy, warm and sleepy.

Saturday started with getting up to trawl kikki-k online for gifts but then when I realised that they were going to charge me $30AU for delivery, I got dressed and Lee and I went out to Lower Hutt mall for shoppings. I managed to get presents for three people in Kikki-K (uh, if I count me as one of the people XD ), something for Lee, something for a niece and something for birthday boy Dom. Then came back to Wellington and did our grocery shopping before tootling to the zoo for a birthday celebration and scavenger hunt. I got a goodie bag. It was awesome.

Saturday night, chilled at home with some friends and watched Intolerable Cruelty.

This morning we got up early to see my sister briefly on her way to the airport to pick up her husband. Then Svend and Star came over and we had brunch at Sweet Mother’s Kitchen (nom) and went to the Thorndon Fair. Ran into a bunch of different people we knew and bought three more presents, and a red unicorn pegasus necklace on a red chain from super very who also made the martian men bracelet I got for my birthday. Love her stuff. Trying not to melt in the heat, we marched on into town and I picked up four more gifts, meaning I just have about four small things still to get and I really am done.

Staggered home and crashed out on the balcony until it was too hot to live and then came in. Had a nap, read some Tales of Beedle the Bard, worked through some printed out Kiki, wrapped gifts and ate delicious venison biersticks. Nom.

Tonight it’s off to parents-in-laws for dinner and chillaxing. Man, I wish I never had to work. This is the life.

PoF: Trouble maker
CO: delicious venison salami