Break from Rock Starring

I got a letter back from parliament. It pretty much said, ‘thanks for writing, we’ve passed it to the Climate Change Issues Minister’. So, potentially it’s been read by someone in John’s office and someone in the Climate Change Minister’s office. How exciting.

My mission to get my Christmas shopping done has been a success, barring a $10 gift for a work party and random people I may have forgotten I am done. I feel good having got it all out of the way, now I can concentrate on awesome Christmas crafts and baking!

I’ve been keeping on keeping on re-drafting Kiki, not really any news there. Will go hard tonight and tomorrow afternoon, try and get it finished. I’ve been finding lots of places to insert more dialogue, so I’ve been working at that (dialogue is more interesting after all) and I find that dialogue is easy to put jokes into. Hopefully they are jokes that are funny.

I’ve also been having fun entering the competitions on iCiNG’s 13 days of Christmas. Trying to think of dodgy stuff for name plate necklaces and who exactly, is my hair inspiration is kind of fun.

Copyblogger delivers: Inigo Montoya’s guide to commonly misused words is valuable reading, although a bit American English centric.

I learn separately through Hix and Cleolinda that Fables has been taken up by ABC and they have confirmed they are making a pilot. Also, volume 11 seems to be out. To the bookstores, as fast as lightning!

An added functionality on Rock Band 2 is the ability to make playlists when you’re playing on your own or with friends in quickplay mode. I did the best ever rock concert performance this evening once Lee went out. My setlist was: The Kill, You Oughta Know, One Way or Another, Livin’ on a Prayer and More than a Feeling. I followed up with some Chillis for good measure. It was amazing, if I do say so myself.

PoF: grey jeans returneth
CO: anything but work on my manuscript!


2 thoughts on “Break from Rock Starring

  1. Naw, Copyblogger’s stuff applies to regular English too – there bain’t be no “s” on the end of toward/forward/backward etc outside the US, too.
    Though, okay – one way you can definitely tell it’s US-centric is that lay vs lie wasn’t mentioned – Americans are *chronically* bad for saying “she was laying down” or “go lay down” instead of lying/lie and all that.
    Drives me freakin’ nuts. Wrong. Verb. OMG.

  2. Climate change minister will likely read the response that some kind ministerial writer has drafted for him. But if he is like our minister used to be he will at least read it carefully and change things. Usually things he didn’t mention last time. Usually the opposite of what he said he wanted you to write. RAR. Unresolved ministerial issues! 😀
    I am uber impressed by your Kiki redrafting determination, I think that would be harder to make myself do than write.
    Christmas is SOOOOOON!

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