Inspiration – Power Songs

Ok, so I’m just re-drafting and there’s no real news, so today’s Wednesday Writing Wupdate will be in the form of an Inspiration brainstorm. Participation in the form of suggestions or sharing your own power songs is encouraged.

Here’s a list of the songs that get me motivated. They speak to me on an inspirational level.

Gwen Stefani’s What you waiting for? which is a song about writer’s block and being afraid to succeed. The central question is what works for me, because I really hated this song the first few times I heard it (why is she calling herself a stupid ho?) but something in that question got to me. If I want to write, what am I waiting for. Just do it, already! Plus the video is an awesome Alice in Wonderland/Fruits fashion mashup and made of pretty.

Tori Amos’s Caught a Lite Sneeze. This one is less about the message of the lyrics, but about the power in the song itself. That swelling sound, the power in the rhythm and the cresendo in the bridge: “Caught a lite sneeze, dreamed a little dream, made my own pretty hate machine”. I guess I can’t really explain this one in rational terms, but I love it and it makes me feel empowered and motivated.

Franka Potente’s Believe from the soundtrack to Run, Lola, Run. The pace is invigorating, the lyrics powerful. “I don’t believe in trouble. I don’t believe in pain.” The idea that if you let these things go, if you leave all those things behind…you could maybe achieve anything you want. Or it could just be because the song makes me think about running….not too sure.

And just so we have a male in there, I also adore John Farnham’s You’re the Voice which opened my mind right up when I was 8 years old. And hey, it’s awesome fun to sing along to.

So, now it’s your turn. What song makes you feel like going out and getting something done?

PoF: Red unicorn
CO: how happy the sunshine makes me


5 thoughts on “Inspiration – Power Songs

  1. eheh, for *ages* i thought that Gwen Stefani song was “what you weigh?”. and i was all ‘i know she’s obsessed with *her* weight, but what’s the deal with hassling others?!’
    Prodigy is my speed-typing/essay writing band of choice. most other songs are associated with certain events, books, or whatever else I was doing when i was listening to them. rather than with motivation or similar.
    that being said, Pussy Willow by Jethro Tull always makes me want to curl up in a warm patch of sun and day dream.. i don’t know if that counts tho. possibly it was if day-dreaming then motivated me on towards something else, but it’s more of a end than a means. 🙂

  2. It varies a lot – sometimes a song will hit at just the right angle and I’ll really want to do something with it. It’s often more about atmosphere than anything else, or being heavily lyrically visual.
    Songs that have done it include:
    Imogen Heap – Flicks, and Hear Me Out
    Postal Service – Brand New Colony (it’s the mad exultation in the lyrics: “I want to take you far/from the cynics in this town/and kiss you on the mouth/we’ll cut our bodies free/from the tethers of this scene/start a brand new colony/where everything will change/we’ll give ourselves new names/identities erased/the sun will heat the ground/under our bare feet/in this brand new colony”)
    A Perfect Circle – Pet (sdkjfhfm, it’s so deliciously grim and twisty and manipulative)
    Depeche Mode – Walking in my shoes (it’d be the crashy distorted keyboard)
    Radiohead – uh, a bunch :). They do a good line in lyrics.
    and for a bonus bit of classical, Satie’s Gnossienne series, particularly #1 :). Can’t listen to it without thinking Black Forest, Black Forest, dim light under the trees and a distant threat.

  3. I revisit my boy band geek roots and say 5ive’s Keep on Movin’: I woke up today with this feeling, that better things are coming my way. And if the sunshine has a meaning, it’s telling me nothing else can get in my way” 🙂

  4. OMG classical music…I’m gonna add the Montagues and Capulets bit from Romeo and Juliet by Prokofiev. The most stirring music pretty much ever.

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