Things I Love Thursday

  • Star showed me this gorgeous website of desktop background art by David Lanham. It�s all cute and whimsical and weird and dark…take a look (click on the little icons to the left to see other pictures.)
  • The Christmas crafts I am making. They were really quick so sew and I’m having a lot of fun decorating them, each with their own theme. Ooooh mysterious! When they’re all done I’ll post some photos.
  • Sunshiney afternoons when I do not have to go to work. I know I go on about these all the time but I freaking love them. Plus yesterday I made myself a delicious lunch salad and it was delicious.
  • A Katamari Damacy bento box? Really? Thanks to Lee for finding it and showing me, it�s crazy.
  • The Watchmen. I should have read this ages ago, but whenever I tried I just wasn�t in the right frame of mind. I was keen to read it before the movie comes out (possibly a bad move) and this time I got into it straight away and it�s awesome.
  • Counting down to Christmas. Both by opening the wee windows on my card advent calendar and by posting photos on my lj advent calendar (check it out). Also by making crafts to give people and planning what goodies to bake.

Honourable Mentions: Red Hot Chilli Peppers, sun sun sun, planning outfits for the 80s theme work Christmas party on Friday, the smell of barbeques, ‘accidentally’ writing a new short story, the seekrit writing project (so exciting it makes my toes curl), wearing my heart shaped sunglasses, praise for my red unicorn necklace, delicious home made salads with boiled egg in, venison salami and love.