Everybody cut everybody cut

Last night was the work Christmas party, it was 80s themed and we went to a roller disco and then to the Southern Cross for dinner and drinks.

It was awesome. I had a rockin’ Cindy Lauper style outfit although I had a lot of trouble making my hair stay big. Damn you straight hair, stop straightening yourself even after teasing and hairspray! Everyone in the office went in costume, except for the tech guys, but someone pointed out that they could be ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ so it was all good.

Roller skating when you haven’t done it in oh, about 14 years is a little scary because of the balance and all but I got the hang of it. I had some wicked muscle pain in my right shin but once I was properly warmed up it was really fun. Now I want my own roller skates. Pretty tall white boot ones.

Dinner at the Southern cross was tasty, a buffet of roast ham, beef and chicken pieces and a zillion different kinds of salads. Then there was awesome dancing of awesomeness (I broke out my running man moves) and basically lots of fun. If you’re my friend on facebook you can check out the photos.

I came home a bit after 11 and this morning I failed at sleeping in, woke up at 5.38 with my mind racing. After not managing to get back to sleep for an hour I got up and finished the Sherlock Holmes story in Nightmares and Dreamscapes and then got a couple more hours sleep on the couch.

Good times. Now, today I should do some baking, some cleaning, some sewing and some writing. Or I could just go back to sleep.

PoF: pink dress
CO: sleeps is nice