Looking forward

I’ve been thinking a bit about all the things I’ve achieved this year and all the things I want to have happen next year. Here’s some speculation of things I’d like to get done.

I’m already attending two big shows for sure (Leonard Cohen and Starlight Express) but I’d also like to get to Coldplay. I managed to see a few shows this year plays and whatnot. I’d like to see more next year.

In terms of my writing, I’m hoping that next year will be a big year in actually getting published. I’ve finally remembered to print out my short story so that I can post it to another magazine. Once my re-drafting work on Kiki is done I can get back into sending that around. Plus I have a few things on the boil that I hope to get a heap done on during my time off (in two days! Yes!).

I have signed up for a shop on etsy. In time I will work out how to actually put things in it and work at selling stuff that I make. I’m thinking tshirts, weird little toys, the odd baby quilt, dolls maybe?

I’m looking for ways to make my life a bit greener. Working on reducing the amount of rubbish we generate would be a good start. I will sort out other ways, will do.

In a lot of ways I have felt myself awaken this year, which sounds kind of out there I know but having time to myself each week to work on whatever I want to, dedicating myself to writing and getting things done and expanding my blog reading to such places as the discomfort zone, Think simple now and Positivity blog. I want to continue this transformation and become the best Jenni I can be.

I want to pick up swing dancing again. It’s amazing, in this break from it since I got sick Lee and I have completely lost motivation. We don’t practice, we don’t even consider it. I want to get active again and keep learning this new skill. It’s a really good bonding experience with Lee and also with his sister and her partner who are more committed to it than we are now. It starts up again on Jan 15th I think. Plus I want to make an effort and get to the club nights they run. They always seem to clash with other things this year.

I would really like to get singing training, but that all depends on financial stuff. I want to go to Sok’s teacher. Also: letting go of anger, doing more to help Lee out, make more of an effort to see certain people, working hard for The Winding City, being more sensible in my spending and item acquisition and generally being more awesome.

PoF: Juno
CO: need a drink
Consistent constant obsession, aka default setting: food.