Sunday reading

Hee hee Dooce is cool. I especially like this one about her little girl turning emo. “The Earth is cold and dark!”

Leaked photos of the Watchmen movie look pretty cool. They have got the look of the Comedian exactly right. Getting a bit excited about that movie. Haven’t finished the graphic novel yet though….

I’m getting into the Christmas spirit with the lovely Muppet Family Christmas. It was made while Jim Henson was still alive, it’s got every single muppet (fraggles, muppet show and sesame St), lots of songs, some classic comedy (“be careful of the icey patch!”) and heart warming-ness out the wazoo. Love it. Animal says “Peace on Earth! Give me presents!”

Me and my sister used to have this on video recorded off TV, we watched it every year.

PoF: Wonder Woman
CO: pizza in the oven smells delish!

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