To Do List updated and chocolate angst

* Grocery shopping for more chocolate melts, gladware, lemon, orange, candy canes. While out also go to Gordon Harris for more silver sparkly fabric paint, as ‘Team Edward’ shirts are popular and I’ve now run out.
* Make chocolates**** See below., cookies (Lebkuchen dough made yesterday, bake it up tomorrow.) Afghans, spice crisps.
* Finish Giffy’s Christmas present. Eh, near enough.
* Take photo of self in surgerised t-shirts for putting on Trade Me
* Scrub down bathroom….funsies.
* Figure out what to wear on Christmas day.

So yesterday I made a batch of delicious chocolates from the Mindfood magazine where you just blender a packet of digestives, add orange juice and ground almonds and melted chocolate, form balls out of the stuff, fridge them and then cover them in chocolate. These are superb. Then I made a batch of oreo truffles and I guess I was high from my earlier success, but I used a whole tub of cream cheese with the packet of oreos and the mixture tasted very much like….cream cheese. I covered ’em with chocolate anyway because maybe the chocolate will offset the cream cheese right?

But then I was too scared to try one in case they’re awful. I gave one to Lee who said “very rich!” and then “I like the other ones more” and then when I asked if it was too much cream cheese he said ominously “You can definitely tell there’s cream cheese in them.”

I’m trying to figure out what to do with them now. People like chocolate and oreos and cream cheese. Maybe I should advertise them as cream cheese truffles? I am in agony of indecision. I kind of just want to bin them all and make another batch of digestive chocolates but it is such a waste to throw them out and that seems Wrong and Bad. Any suggestions from blogland?

PoF: Batgirl
CO: seeing Giffy and E this afternoon!


6 thoughts on “To Do List updated and chocolate angst

  1. Well, who’s the intended audience for the cream cheese balls? And what’s the worse that’s going to happen – they try them and don’t like them and don’t have another one.

  2. Yes, but then everyone might think of me as Jenni-who-makes-chocolates-out-of-cheese-how-gross….and then! And then I may not be invited to the prom!
    yeah, it’s hard to say what I think the terrible outcome will be.

  3. Don’t throw them out! I’m so amused by them that I quite desperately want to try one tomorrow. XD (Speaking of which, were we meant to rsvp for the Christmas Eve thing…? ^^; )

  4. hmm.. they sound like some lil bon bon things that someone made for our bakeoff at work for Xmas. she covered them in white choc and added lil holly leaves/berries to them so they looked like tiny, white xmas puds. apparently were v tasty.
    cream cheese is tasty.. i’d definitely try them, anyway

  5. Okies, update. Sophie ate one and said it was tasty and asked for another. Tasty cream cheese chocolates as it turns out! I’m still scared to eat one myself XD

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