Summer reading

I’m in the middle of a fantastic collection of essays by female authors recounting how Judy Blume influenced them/helped them grow up/gave them self esteem/generally affected their lives. Everything I Needed to Know About Being a Girl I Learned from Judy Blume has essays from Meg Cabot and heaps of others and is kind of like potted psychology lessons centered around awkward pre-teenage girls and Judy Blume. I’m loving it and it’s making me really want to read Judy Blume books again, especially Deenie, Just as Long as We’re Together, Forever… and Are you there God, it’s me Margaret?. Might have to check out the relevant sections in the library next time I’m there.

I finished reading Watchmen by the way. It was wicked awesome.

Got hold of a copy of the new Michelle Paver book about Torak with a Christmas Gift voucher. It’s called Oath Breaker. I’m thinking I might need to re-read the others first though, since I can’t really remember what happened in which order.

I was given a copy of The 10pm Question by Kate de Goldi which has been reviewed very well and looks like a good crossover book.

Christmas – the secret to not overeating

I didn’t overeat this year on Christmas Day. I overate on Christmas Eve. I’ve found the secret to the stomach bloat of the holidays! It’s the snacks.

On Christmas Eve I baked for three hours straight so that there would be plenty of cookies and cupcakes for people. Then I ate a whole lot of them, chips and dip, chocolates, brownies, nuts…..when it came to dinner time I wanted dinner because I knew that I *should* have real food but I wasn’t really that hungry. And I felt pretty ill later in the evening.

On Christmas Day I skipped breakfast, only having a Lindor hazelnut chocolate truflle (nom!) and some cherries and strawberries when we got to my sister’s. This meant that when it came time to sit down for all the delicious lunch food I was hungry and could eat a little of everything. Pacing myself meant I didn’t gorge from excitement at the choices and I was even able to have seconds of those things I enjoyed the most. (Ham, green salad, pasta salad, potato and egg salad).

Unluckily we had to go from my sister’s before I got to eat brandy snaps, but then it was on to Lee’s parents place where they had put out chippies and pistachios. Tempting! Too tempting, I had some chips. But only a couple. I was strong. I was steadfast. I ate two of the Roses chocolates that we were given and they were *awesome*!

Then at dinner I was careful to only take portions of the things that I really wanted (turkey, crayfish, green salad, bread, potato and bacon salad) and it was delicious! Even though I wanted to I refrained from having seconds, except for some scrappits of cray meat because I had seen the homemade chocolate eclairs for dessert! Nom! I had seconds of dessert. Besides the eclairs Lee’s sister had made warm, squooshy brownie and I had a pile of fresh berries and cherries as well.

My lebkuchen with lemon icing went down very well and I gave my father in law a tupperware full of afghans. If he gets diabetes it will totally be my fault.

So, that’s what I’ve learned and what I ate. Hopefully it will be of some use to you at the next gorge-yourself-gathering you go to.

Now tell me, what delicious things did you eat this holiday season?

PoF: robey
CO: boxing day sales!!!!!!