Summer reading

I’m in the middle of a fantastic collection of essays by female authors recounting how Judy Blume influenced them/helped them grow up/gave them self esteem/generally affected their lives. Everything I Needed to Know About Being a Girl I Learned from Judy Blume has essays from Meg Cabot and heaps of others and is kind of like potted psychology lessons centered around awkward pre-teenage girls and Judy Blume. I’m loving it and it’s making me really want to read Judy Blume books again, especially Deenie, Just as Long as We’re Together, Forever… and Are you there God, it’s me Margaret?. Might have to check out the relevant sections in the library next time I’m there.

I finished reading Watchmen by the way. It was wicked awesome.

Got hold of a copy of the new Michelle Paver book about Torak with a Christmas Gift voucher. It’s called Oath Breaker. I’m thinking I might need to re-read the others first though, since I can’t really remember what happened in which order.

I was given a copy of The 10pm Question by Kate de Goldi which has been reviewed very well and looks like a good crossover book.

1 thought on “Summer reading

  1. Bex was compulsively reading the 10PM Question last week. She’s going to read it to her class next year.
    I read a little of it aloud to her, and it looked like a nice portrayal of the mindset of a peculiar* boy.
    *(that really doesn’t look right but I can’t be bothered spell-checking)

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