A glut of materialism

Christmas presents were pretty awesome this year, plus boxing day sales goodness. I am metaphorically rolling around in the excess of newness.

Awesome presents included: Fraggles board game, which I totally had as a child and didn’t remember until I saw the playing pieces. (Thanks Steve!) Chocolates, dried strawberries, neat designer notepad and magnets and lots of Lush stuff. Mmmmm Lush.
New DVDs acquired: House season 4, because we loves the House and the Wilson and the Chase. Well, I do. Lee loves Cameron ;p

Veronica Mars season 2. So so good. Lee’s little brother finally got around to watching season 1 so this was immediately lent to him so he can get up to date on it. I love season 2 because it has some wicked awesome Logan stuff. Ah Logan…

I know I already mentioned The Planet Earth but I thought I should point out why I am so happy with this. Nature documentaries are love, I mean, cute baby animals, silly birds doing mating dances, pretty landscapes and footage of predators doing their thing….it’s all pretty breathtaking. I also look on this series a little bit as an entire encyclopedia of wildlife and also a snapshot of how the world is. For all I know the Earth won’t resemble this at all in thirty years so…

The boxing day sales yielded The Little Mermaid, Gossip Girl season one, Dirty Sexy Money and a film called Valley of Gwangi about cowboys who wrangle dinosaurs instead of cows. Oh yeah.
Lee bought a digital Trivial Pursuit game with his Christmas vouchers and is busily downloading questions to it now. Should be fun?

PoF: Layers, it’s colder than it looks outside
CO: should I move to a more customisable, less finicky blog provider? One that won’t eat people’s comments? One with better image functionality? Is blogspot any good?

6 thoughts on “A glut of materialism

  1. blogspot: yes, it is good. easy to use, photos/images are nice and easy to do and integrated with picasa. Not too fancy, but it gets the job done.

  2. Just my opinion but I’ve had blogspot and wordpress blogs and I’d rate wordpress much more highly. It’s very easy to use and it’s got more stuff

  3. Oh I want to come and play digital Trivial Pursuit with Leelee!!
    My friend Pip has a blogspot blog and seems happy with it.

  4. I started a class blog on blogtown, and it was amazing how much easier it was to drive than moveable type… I changed the template with ease, and the whole thing seemed a lot friendlier. But from what I have seen moveable type can be totally customised if you take the time to learn how.

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