Woop woop

Wishing I had endless summer holidays….

In addition to advertising Twilight tshirts on Trade Me, I have finally set up and listed hand made items in my etsy shop so fingers crossed that I get some nibbles on them.\

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On the weekend I saw two brand new movies at the cinema. I saw Twilight and Australia.

Australia was very Baz Luhrmann which may turn some people off. It really felt like watching an old movie, like Gone With the Wind because it is very long and epic and overwrought. It’s gorgeous, you can really tell that they filmed it all in the middle of the real outback. Nic and Hugh are both awesome, balancing the silliness with the drama and the emotion very well and making you believe it all. It’s not for everyone by any stretch, but it was fun for me.

Twilight was hilarious. It was better than I thought it would be, which isn’t saying very much. I think that if they’d kept out some of the ridiculousness from the books it could have been a good movie. I thought Kristen and RPattz did the best they could, given that they had to say lines like “So the lion fell in love with the lamb” “Stupid lamb” “Sick, masochistic lion”. The film is very prettily shot and the secondary characters were pretty good. I especially liked Alice, Carlisle and Charlie and would happily watch a movie just about them.

It wasn’t supposed to be hilarious. It was supposed to be deadly serious and romantic. It didn’t manage that for me, but I enjoyed it all the same.

Also I joined Twitter, because that seems to be the new cutting edge and I was curious. It hasn’t won me over yet I have to say. I’m here in case you want to start following me. I’m not sure that encouraging me to constantly update with my thoughts is necessarily a good thing.

I’m seriously considering trying out a new blog on wordpress, they look like pretty much everything I want in a blog. I’ll probably try it out as a trial and then decide to move or not. Since I can import my archives off here to there it looks like a pretty good option.

PoF: wonder woman
CO: change!


One thought on “Woop woop

  1. How awesome is summer, really? Why do I spend 2-3 months of the year feeling powerful and awesome, and the rest going ‘bleeeh why is it not summer??’
    I need to find some way to live in constant summer either physically or mentally…

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