End of 2008

So, the end of a big interesting year.

Looking forward to 2009, I feel like I should make some goals so that I have stuff to work towards…..
I want to get published in 2009 so I am going to work hard on editing my works-on-progress and start submitting them hard out to publishers. I am also going to start something new in the new year, continue working on the seekrit project (which I have got behind in over the holiday madness) and work up some more short stories as well. Keep writing keep writing keep writing.

Visit my sister in Rarotonga. This is pretty achievable but I really will need to save money. I can save money if I really really try, so I’m going to make January a no-buy month where I won’t buy the random stupid stuff I usually do. I don’t need any new clothes, DVDs or books. I got so many of those at Christmas and at the sales. I will allow myself to buy food, birthday presents and the Empire magazine. Maybe photos off snapfish too if I really *have* to. Oh and I can go to the movies. But I will try not to.

Live my most awesome life. Going to see ducklings, visiting my favourite parts of Te Papa, spending quality time with Lee, having awesome times with friends, doing things for other people and generally having fun. I’m already ticketed up for three shows, I’ll see if I can get to a few more as well!

PoF: Buddha belly
CO: Finding out wordpress’s secrets.


8 thoughts on “End of 2008

  1. Sounds like some good goals! You can doo eet!
    Also, what shows are you already ticketed up for? Perhaps I would also like to get in on the show action. Also,also, can we dress up for shows please?

  2. this has nothing to do with your entry but i just wanted to let you know that i share your opinion on the twilight series (i refuse to call it a saga – star wars is a saga not twilight). it really annoyed me when bella got majorly depressed when edward left her in new moon. stephenie meyer gives teenage girls the idea that their life isn’t worth living if they don’t have a boyfriend. there’s more to life than guys & bella could have had a fun life without edward even if she did feel like a part of her was missing. as for the movie i think it’s the screenwriter’s fault it was more a comedy than a romantic chick flick.
    i reckon it’s good that there were some humour otherwise for people who hadn’t read the book it would be alienating. i liked the movie. the flashback scenes were hard to believe & looked cheesy & the sparkle effect was pathetic. it could have been worse. it wasn’t as cheesy as i thought it was going to be. sorry for the rant. there’s a swedish vampire film called ‘let the right one in’ coming out on 8th jan & apparently it’s a great film. not gonna lie, i wanna see it cos i’m a vampire fan. google it.

  3. M, D and D: Thanks heaps, happy new year to you!
    Giffy: Starlight Express, Leonard Cohen and Coldplay.
    Amelia: Thanks for commenting, it’s nice to know that I’m not alone in this kind of thing. I have seen ‘Let Right One In’ a few months ago at the film festival. It’s freaking amazing. Dark and nasty and a realistic protrayal of a vampire romance. Plus the vampire is a girl which almost never happens in movies. Def go and see it when you can!

  4. well, it in the book it apparently hints that eli was actually a boy who got uh, castrated. there’s the androgyny element. i wanna read the book 1st because it sounds even creepier. how is the movie a realistic protrayal of vampire romance? it baffled me that bella wasn’t scared of edward. i reckon she had a death wish. i was a fan of buffy the vampire slayer too even though i think sarah michelle gellar sucks at acting.

  5. Eli’s definitely a girl in the movie. I meant realistic like they don’t make the vampire all perfect and sparkly, she’s a monster and she feeds on humans and it’s messy and nasty to watch.
    Aw I love Buffy, and I love SMG…at least she knew that it was weird and doomed to have a relationship with a vampire.

  6. yeah, when you’re watching the twilight movie it’s easy to forget that edward is a vampire. that is until he has an emo moment because he can’t sample bella’s blood.

  7. Wait, you *already* got tickets to starlight express! I want to go with. Must get details so we can try to go same night at least. I’m pretty sure Beau will go with me too 🙂

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