Changed my life? Maybe a little.

I just read this article the single secret to making 2009 your best year ever over on Zen Habits (link via Gala) and I think it worked. I think I needed this reminder.

Aaaah. Bliss. Instead of making myself unhappy by focusing on the stuff I’m not enjoying I’m going to try and focus on the little things I can enjoy in each moment.

Also, very excited about going to see Coldplay in March. I booked accommodation this morning. Also I bought a little silver awesome handbag shaped like a suitcase. My goal of not spending money isn’t going too well, but I can’t bring myself to care. I’m just going to enjoy the retail therapy.

PoF: Juno
CO: wheeeeee life is fun!


8 thoughts on “Changed my life? Maybe a little.

  1. Please tell me you didn’t fork out $180 a ticket for Coldplay. I mean, I’d pay to see them, but that’s a huge amount of money…

    • we both do, plus we figured if we’re flying all the way up there we might as well have decent seats!

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