Summer Holiday

Swam in the sea six times. The surf got bigger each day, I love playing in surf. I also say some teeny fish and Lee caught some delicious pipis and some fun tennis ball games were played in the water.

Read Ransom My Heart, Princess Diaries 9, The Walking Dead volumes 3 + 4 and a fair chunk of Princess Diaries 10.

Ate delicious foods. Many delicious foods.

Played Pokemon on the DS…so many cute Pokemon caught.

Celebrated 3 year wedding anniversary.

Took no photos at all even though hilarious font of fame was played, and there were many photo ops.

Writing wise: finished note taking and started digitally updating WtWTCH? Got through 39 pages out of 112 of updating/revising/redrafting. Also wrote two short short stories. May post one here after it has been edited.

tshirt-001 Then I came home today, did the washing and altered my new awesome tshirt so that it fits me. It’s from the Mr Vintage sale.

It’s now an 80’s styled muscle shirt.

In case you can’t tell what it says, here’s another photo. Although I guess you still can’t see it all. It says “Jesse and the Rippers”

Yep, it’s Uncle Jesse’s band from Full House. I am such a geek.

All in all my holiday up the coast was everything I wanted it to be. I really like being around my friends, they are such nice people! So much fun.

PoF: Jesse and The Rippers
CO: Buffy game first episode this week!


One thought on “Summer Holiday

  1. See was sooo good! When did you guys get pipis? Glad they were yummy.

    I had lots of fun. I’m just so happy that you’re not only my friend, but Beau’s too. That is so good!


    Also, I want more Lee-lee burritos. Gosh, How Much Did We Eat???

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