What to do?

It’s Valentines Day tomorrow, and the weather is promising to be pretty smaverage here in Wellington. So although I was thinking it’d be nice to get a picnic together and sit out in the sun at Waitangi Park that doesn’t look like it’ll work out.

If Lee was into horror I’d totally take him to see Let the Right One In at the Paramount, for a kind of anti-Valentines date. It is a romantic movie, and it has vampires in it, it’s just also a horror, which Lee doesn’t appreciate. Might work for you and your date though? In Bruges isn’t really romantic at all though, so if you don’t have a date then maybe checking that out would lift your spirits some.

My idea for the perfect day tomorrow (sssh, it’s a secret!) is to crash out on the couch all morning in my PJs and watch the rest of Gossip Girl and then go to the Embassy for the screening of U which I have been dying to see again since the film festival two years ago. Neither of those things are particularly husband inclusive though. It’d be fine if I was just hanging out with a girlfriend I guess.

To be really truly honest with you Lee and I don’t usually bother with Valentines Day but for some reason I want to do something for it this year. Maybe we’ll just go out for brunch at Sweet Mother’s Kitchen. Just for a change you know?

Let me know how you feel about Val Day this year…and if you have anything out of the ordinary planned for tomorrow…

Oh and BTW, Gala’s gift guide has some neat ideas.

ETA! Aw, Lee just bought me home a yellow rose and a red chocolate rose!` Love!

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5 thoughts on “What to do?

  1. i think most of the time we don’t bother. J was planning to get my flowers or chocs, but was thwarted by the florist he was looking for being hidey, and the choc shop being all alcoholy. i told him that i think the baby-scan we had today is at least as Valentiney as anything we could come up with.
    actually, Valentine’s thwarts my plans to take him out to dinner or a movie this Saturday (since i’m missing his bday next weke) as it means that town will just be annoyingly busy.

  2. J usually gets me a flower either supermarket bought or garden picked – last year he picked me a rose from our garden & even cut the thorns off it. Then we usually have a takeaway dinner with some wine. This year, we’ve got some fancy choccies to share & are going to go see My Bloody Valentine 3D next week. Not everyone’s idea of romance but hey it’s all about what you as a couple want ;o)

  3. We’re probably not doing anything. Previous years we have done something, usually going out to dinner. This year we’re watching our spending so we have more to take home with us. non-Valentines spending will be rewarded with wedding and house 🙂

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