Actual Play – Fall, Buffy.

It’s fun to play a character who just doesn’t care about the other characters. It’s liberating. I don’t expect this to last long, so I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts.

The cast: Alex (slayer) played by Sophie, is a well rounded over achiever with a perfect family.
Megan played by Brynn, used to be a bullied girl, now way better looking and the Queen Bee. Not suspicious at all.
Darius played by Norm, son of two watchers, although he didn’t know it, recently orphaned.
Calvin played by me, the bad boy. You remember.

All are ordinary high school students with no awareness of the supernatural. Well, maybe not Megan, but the makeover could have been a lot of plastic surgery right?

The game started with all the characters chilling out in The Limit, the local bar/club/Bronze. It was getting late, the bar was pretty empty and then someone in a lab coat bursts in and dies. Their neck appears to be all cut up and bleeding and stuff. Alex’s boyfriend Mason (Calvin’s best friend) is at the bar talking to the bar tender, Alex heads outside to find out what’s going on, Megan and Darius approach the body to investigate. Calvin was torn. He saw Alex heading out on her own and felt like someone should protect her, Mason was busy getting ice for the bleeding guy so Clavin headed out as well.

Inside there was much freaking out about the dead body (Megan), rationalising of the wounds (Darius), being useless (Mason). Outside Alex and Calvin had a mutual dislike moment, then there was a spooky laugh and a vampire appeared, dropped down from above the door. Calvin stepped between Alex and the vampire, not because he’s honourable (wants to protect her personally) but because he’s chauvanistic (weak girl needs help). It can be a fine line there. Then another vampire appeared behind us and it was all for nothing anyway. The evil gang members or whoever we thought they were say something along the lines of ‘now you must die’ so Calvin goes into fight mode.

The combat was a bit clunky and slow which is to be expected as we all learn the system. My first few attacks and dodges worked quite well, I punched a vampire in the face and did damage. Then the superior power started to win. I think this is awesome, because it means that my reckless character succeeded to start off with and now thinks he can take on vampires. Anyhoo, I definitely started losing and had to use a drama point to not get bit. Alex’s slayer powers of course meant she started winning and bailed Calvin out with no apparent problems.

Of course, when she hit them in the head so hard they burst into ash clouds we were a bit confused. Darius and Megan had come to the door and Darius had yelled “Vampires?” all disbelieving before the fight ended. Once both were dusted Alex was overwhelmed with emotion. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending how you like your drama) I was the only player who noticed. And Calvin didn’t really care. He, Megan and Darius talked at length about what had just happened, then looked up to notice that Alex had run off.

After a run in with a chronically disinterested police officer we decided to go back to Darius’s place since he was claiming his parents used to tell him bedtime stories about vampires. It turned out that the mysterious key he had been left in a sealed envelope opened up a secret occult library.

Mason went to check on Alex and made sure she was ok. “Hey babe, where did you go? You missed all the excitement.”

At school the next day Megan was embarrassed to talk about it in front of her cheerleader lackeys but Darius and Calvin had a chat. Alex was denying anything had happened and refusing to talk to Darius at all. Since Mason is my friend Megan and Darius nominated me to talk to her. Yeah, brilliant. I did manage to freak Darius out though..
Calvn: So are we gonna go out tonight?
Darius: Yeah, uh wait, what?
Calvin: Go out and find some more. You know, and kill them.
Darius: Huh?
Calvin: Isn’t that the whole point? To kill all the vampires? I don’t think the cops are going to do it.
Darius: No.
Calvin: And I don’t think there’ s a National Vampire killing guard.

Calvin and Alex’s talk was awkward and Calvin was about to leave her alone completely since she was clearly dertermined to live in denial when Darius appeared with his ancient Vampyre book and convinced her that none of us were crazy. She was convinced to join us at Darius’ after school to read more about it. She also had a dream that helped I think, that made her google online and stumble across the word ‘slayer.’

Alex: Have you ever heard of a slayer? And I don’t mean the band.
Darius. Yeah, uh one girl in all the world, super strong, chosen one….why?
Alex: No reason.

While the others did boring research stuff Calvin ordered pizza and searched the house for guns. He didn’t find any. In the end the others decided to head home. Calvin decided to go out and find some vampires.

Next week on Fall…..Calvin probably spends some more drama points to not get bit. Funsies.

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