Wednesday Writing

A day of achievements.

I made up for missing my hour of writing yesterday by going hard and spending 2 and a half hours today redrafting. That was how much time I needed to finish the digital redraft! Oh yes. What’s the Worst That Could Happen? second draft is now done and ready to be handed on to my first reader….Word count is sitting on 75,150 which is up from the first draft. I added some neat stuff and took away a bunch of redundant stuff.


I submitted my short story “Infection” to an online story publisher, so fingers crossed for me there. Not sure how long it’ll be til I hear back from them. I am a little disappointed to see the print mag I wanted to submit it to is not accepting submissions all this year, but never mind. I can just keep writing more and keep on submitting them.

I also wrote the actual play report of Fall (see previous entry) and had lunch with two friends. Having a ‘lunch’ period between work and writing really seems to make a difference to me.

Now off to celebrate by making a vegetarian lasagne!

PoF: Recycle the grouch
CO: Woop woop!


1 thought on “Wednesday Writing

  1. Yay! Matt and I are both keen to read WTWTCH. IT sounds very cool and we both should repay the favour of you reading our manuscripts. Good luck for your story submission.

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