Writing accomplishment list

Already done:

  • Finished second draft of WtWTCH? Printed it out and passed it on to Regan.
  • Redrafted erotica short story and passed it on to Suraya.
  • Submitted horror short story to paying online magazine.

Still to do:

  • Check Kiki again for typos that my Mother in Law mentioned. Not looking forward to this, if I haven’t noticed them the first six times I read through it am I really going to see them now?
  • Submit Kiki to a publisher, obviously contigent on above getting done.
  • Write article on gaming for possible inclusion in a publication….I have my topic, need to do some brainstorming.
  • Interviews for research for my next book idea….might start sending out emails.
  • Write more new stuff!!!!!!! Short, marketable stories are good. Also the more I write the better so even if they’re not that marketable I should write them.

I am feeling good about myself today because: It’s sunny and pretty outside, I met my parents for lunch, Gala Darling’s message for today is really super lovely and I have this impressive list of writing stuff that was hanging over me and is now completed and I’m looking forward to getting the stuff on the to do list done! Well, except for the typos thing.

Anyone keen to go typo hunting for me per chance?

Oh and yesterday I tried out my oil pastels and made a dingo opera diva picture. She’s holding a bouquet of orange roses. I’m pleased that my oil pastel skills haven’t completely abandoned me.

PoF: Kapcon 18
CO: so thirsty


5 thoughts on “Writing accomplishment list

  1. I’ll do some proof-reading too. I’m usually pretty good at spotting typos, just not in my own writing for some reason 🙂

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