Wacky Wednesday

More unicorns and sparkles!


Thanks to Svend for alerting me to the awesomeness of ‘cornify.com‘, for all your sparkly unicorn and rainbow needs. It kind of bugs me that they’ve stolen art though, Rainbow Brite horse and Uni from Neopets at least.

Lots of good things this week. I wrote a kind of character reference thing for a friend in which I had to testify that her relationship is real (it’s an immigration thing). It was an interesting exercise, trying not to sound hokey but being as honest as I can. It was quite lovely getting to put how I see someone else’s (very happy) relationship on paper and I was thanked profusely by both parties so that was nice. Fingers crossed that it works out!

Had some very lovely feedback via email about my two novels which makes me happy with the glow and the hope and the dream.

I got an inflatable queen size mattress so that people can come and stay with me and not have to sleep in the lounge. Making space in the spare room for the mattress to go in shouldn’t be too hard, especially if I can get rid of the non-working TV that’s in there.

Love and unicorns to all!


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