Filming Day Two, The Winding City

Yesterday was spent at Nick and Nasia’s house, filming scenes for Conan’s web TV project The Winding City. It went really well, with the shots being set up and filmed quickly and ahead of schedule.

I have been in a shockingly bad mood since Thursday, so I wasn’t quite in the frame of mind I was in last time, but being reunited with the people on this project got me right back in the swing of things. The other actors are just so much fun to work with. Especially my girls and the bathroom improv songfest while waiting for the director to call action so we could come in the front door (bathroom door).

I was involved in three scenes, two of which I had to speak in. Those two scenes were long, like five pages each and we shot them in one take. The first one, where the girls are introduced for the first time has a lot of people coming and going and a lot of movement which should look awesome on camera. Unfortunately this meant it was complex to film and if you missed a cue or called someone by the wrong name then we had to do the whole thing again…plus I had extra *spoilerish* things to worry about, although I managed to pull it off each time. Oh so secretive! Hee hee.

I was pleased with my most-of-the-time remembering my lines (studying them beforehand actually does help! Crazy.) And I think I was able to follow direction from both the director and the cameraman (Lee again). Especially the direction “think Gilmore Girls”, which was helpful for the pacing of my lines. My character is a chatterer and most of the time my lines end with me being cut off, interrupted or otherwise distracted, so if someone else misses a cue I get to improv how I think the rest of the line will go. The other actors are all such professionals it can be a little intimidating, but they’re so easy to work with, and they give so much that I relax pretty fast. I missed Rowan though!

It was also really fun getting a scene with Norm, as in the Kapcon LARP we know each other well enough, and there’s enough trust that we can be physical with each other and it’s fine.

I made ginger crunch and afghans for the day and they were much appreciated as well. Must think of some healthier snacks though, there’s so much sugar in those things and you just crash out after a while. I find it hard to get hungry during a film shoot. I notice it at the 48 but also in these one-day shoots, I don’t get hungry. It could be because there is fairly constant snacking happening, or it could be because you’re just so focussed on the job at hand that you forget. I ate a double meat and salad sandwich at lunch but only little snacks during the afternoon. About an hour after we came home I suddenly got really hungry. It was pretty weird.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that the shoot went well and I’m feeling really good about the project. Looking forward to seeing the finished product for sure…

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