The Winding City – Filming Day 3

I had a late start on Sunday, since they were filming stuff in the morning that didn’t involve my character. I had been half considering going along anyway and helping out with shot logging, etc but I slept badly on Saturday night and was quite happy to turn over and go back to sleep when Lee left.

I managed to catch up with Giffy and Erik before filming and then turned up to find Nick and Nasia’s even more packed than it had been on previous shoots. There was a green screen in the dining room, gear boxes on the floor in the lounge, extras on the chairs and crew running around looking panicked. I got myself out of the way.

There was some chilling out with the extras outside (nice and out of the way, plus fresh air is good) and I made a new friend there. Then there was lunch, and then there was chilling out in Nasia’s room (out of the way again) and then I go to to do a scene. It pretty much was us all running in and looking panicked. I did some non-verbal eye acting with Rowan and Norman. Then I had two lines, which I think I made sound good…at least I hope I did.

Then there was some more waiting while other characters did stuff and then we did the final scene from the last episode, and the rehearsals were bad and I kept messing up my lines and we had some issues with positions and stuff…then we filmed it and I realised that I didn’t have the prop that I was supposed to have and referred to in my speech! I think it’ll make a good blooper anyway…Anyway, I only had a couple of lines in that scene too, so I felt like I got off easy, especially considering Nick and Elliot had a huge amount of talky scenes and dramatic acting to do.

I did some behind the scenes filming with Conan’s mini camera and I also helped out with a couple of scenes and carried equipment down the stairs to Dan’s van. It’s funny, that’s all I did but it was exhausting.

Oh in one of my down time moments I got some writing done on a short story. So that was neat, and last night I started writing a new novel! I’ve only done the prologue, but it’s started….

Conan’s write up again with exclusive behind the scenes photographs.
Nick’s thoughts on the shoot and playing Bram.
And the facebook group. Subscribe for news as it becomes available, it finally has an avatar too, thanks to Conan.


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