Wednesday Writing

I am hibernating this week. I went out for a wander round town after work and froze in the cold of the cold snap. I got a Ka Pai salad but instead of energising me I think it’s healing me. I had a very deep and easy nap for about 40 minutes and my writing motivation is non-existent.

I did however, write a 10 minute short story on Matt’s blog which was fun. I should do that more often. Kudos to Matt by the way for shaving his head for charity and becoming Lex Luthor.

I managed a few more pages of my current short story last night and today I scribbled a few more pages of my new novel, tentatively named Hair Appointments so the day’s not a total wash. I might just go and so some scrapbooking and see if that gets the creative juices flowing in the right way. I figure if I turn off my laptop and move out of this hibernation space I might be able to get something done in 40 minutes or so.

Oh and by the way, this post by Tim Bronson is extraordinary. It takes about five minutes to imagine this.

Edited later: It turns out I was totally in the mood for scrapbooking and got heaps done there. Then I dragged myself back to the couch and brainstormed some notes for a zine article I’m going to submit and I feel good about that so I think I’m going to do a rough draft now.

Related to my ten minute short story above, I want to do more. Please comment with up to four story elements and I’ll give them a go. The ones I like I’ll post up here. If you want to make it fanfic, just choose characters that already exist 🙂


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Writing

  1. A shaved head (gee, I wonder what made me think of that)
    Night-time rendezvous
    A pair of gloves

    I love these writing exercises. At TCOL our English tutor did one or two of these type of writing prompts every tutorial – they are the most fun and useful thing I got out of English teaching training 🙂

    I think Matt is going to do some of the other exercises on his blog today (or at least he says he will post them as he does them with his classes).

  2. That actually made sense to me before I noticed our matching monster icons. I thought you were just remarking on our similar monsteriness 🙂

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