Stuff done: Coldplay concert was very cool, pretty and intense and yeah, cool. I was a little disappointed that they started with Violet Hill when they weren’t warmed up but that would be my only complaint oh and they didn’t play ‘trouble’. But they did play Yellow and all these huge yellow balloons were released onto the crowd, the people on the floor bounced them around and from where we were sitting it looked amazing. When the balloons popped yellow bits of paper rained down. The ‘mosh pit’ kept boucing the balloons onto the stage though, so the band had to keep kicking them out.

During Lovers in Japan they released thousands, millions? of paper butterflies in all different colours from the ceiling. The sound guys put up paper parasols to protect themselves and the gear. It was gorgeous.

Chris Martin is an astoundingly good performer, he just throws himself into it so much, he really works. He dances like a particularly uncoordinated scarecrow and you’re sure he’ll fall down at any time. For a couple of songs they left the stage and played from a mini-set up right in the back rows of the arena. They covered ‘I’m a believer’ from there and got audience participation. Chris played The Hardest Part on his own just on the piano, on the catwalk in the crowd. Lots of awesome memories. I wish I’d taken my camera but I’d assumed they’d be taking them off people. Everyone else seemed to have them though, so there’s bound to be footage from the concert on youtube.

The curtain raiser band was completely rubbish too.

Watchmen at the imax. Yes. So big, so immersive.

Tanuki’s Cave for dinner last night was so good! Takoyaki, edamame, mushrooms stuffed with chicken and a big handle of Japanese beer….nom. I might make Lee take me back there on Saturday night actually.

Auckland Museum and the T-Rex named Sue. Very big skeleton, very cool interactive exhibit. Fraser, Lee and I had a great time. I have good photos but you’ll have to wait for those.

Chocolate boutique, Parnell. After catching the wrong bus to the museum we hopped on the right one and it took us past the chocolate cafe, which we both remembered from last time. It was awesome. We went there after the T-rex.

Our hotel room is pretty nice, not super fantastic but pretty nice. I like the view and the bed is comfy and that’s all you really need right? I’ve been watching Sky movies. Saw most of Margot at the Wedding and The Mist.

Today the plans are for Dressmart, then meeting up with various friends. Tomorrow hopefully we’ll make it to MOTAT and then we’re flying back home lunchtime Sunday. It’s really warm in Auckland, I dig it.


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