Wednesday Writing

Last night I got a rejection letter for my short story ‘Infection’ that I had such good vibes about when I finished it back in September. It’s been rejected by two places now, must look around for other places for it. I was a little sad, but it’s silly to let it get to me. It’s so hard to get your story to just the right publisher at just the right time. It’s never nice to hear ‘no’ though.

The rejection letter was very nice too, it said that my story was well written but they’d seen too many similar things. The editor certainly didn’t have to say to me that it was well written! So in a way, yay me.

Today I finished typing up the short story ‘Famine’. It ended up being nearly 4,000 words, so that’s all good. I need to read it through before I know how much revising it needs, but it felt pretty smooth typing it up so…hopefully not too much revising.

Next on my list is to type up the PTA story I scribbled while I was away and put it up here and email it to Svend before we start the game on Tuesday. Then I have to finish writing the horror story that ate the world (or at least, my notebook) and type that up. Then I can get to work re-crafting some of the short stories I already have to make them more perfect and start shopping them around. Oh and I have to write the zine article that I made all those notes for. Must do that!

If you want to be noticed, get smirks from geeks and strange looks from older people you should totally wear a tshirt that says “I kissed a vampire and I liked it” through town. It’s a real attention getter I found out today. Buffy game tonight, I’m getting excited about it.

PoF: Bill Compton 4eva
CO: Horror, clearly.


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Writing

  1. Yay, we got your postcard today. Thanks. Dom likes the bugs!

    It sucks about the rejection letter although being told it was well-written is nice. However, no matter how nice the letters are, they still always leave feeling a bit disappointed.

    It sounds like you’re being very productive which is great.

  2. Shame about the lack of luck. Good that you’re keeping at it though! They say you have to try and try and try again.

  3. Boo on rejection letter, although Yay on nice comment. Also Boo on you getting “I kissed a Girl” stuck in my head. I had to listen to that song too many times on our UK road trip.

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