Things I’ve learned about happiness part 2

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Some things I’ve noticed about how to make yourself happier. One is saying yes to new experiences and last minute invitations. I have this weird desire to say no to people if they ask me out at the last minute. Like last night I got a call from Regan at about 6 asking if I was free to accompany her mother to Black Grace, since she had a spare ticket. My instinct was to say no, but when I thought about my reasons for saying no, I didn’t really have any. It would disrupt my plans…but my plans were to blob on the couch and do nothing. I hadn’t expected to go out…what kind of reason is that? It doesn’t really need a lot of forethought when you just have to walk around the corner. So I said yes, and I’m really glad I did. It was great to catch up with Regan’s mum (who worked with my sister for a couple of years) and I got to experience something I’ve never done before. The Black Grace dance company is fantastic, powerful and moving and so energetic.

Experiencing new things, like shows or concerts or parties is fun, you never know what you might learn about yourself. If you don’t enjoy it, then that’s fine too but if you stay home and do nothing then you don’t know. You don’t move forward that way.

On the other hand, I have found a lot of happiness in saying ‘no’ to things that I know I won’t enjoy. Also staying home on my own and doing whatever I want while blasting my favourite music. You can get a lot done this way, whether it be catching up on reading, surfing the internet, taking a long bath, writing, your favourite craft or just lying on the couch and snoozing. Taking time for yourself is refreshing as well. Gives you time to think.

Spending time with the people you love, whether it be your family, your partner, your workmates, your friends, your buddies on WoW, whatever. You love them for a reason and spending time with them will remind you of that (well, hopefully).

Extra reading:

Zen Habits is a very good blog for learning about being happier with yourself, but lots of things reasonated for me in this article beating discontentment.

I also recommend, if you haven’t already, reading this post on the Discomfort Zone titled Imagine This to get an insight into what really matters.

Via Galadarling, these guys complimenting people made me really happy and I wasn’t even there.


2 thoughts on “Things I’ve learned about happiness part 2

  1. I like your thing about saying yes to things you don’t know if you’ll like and no to things you know you won’t like. Friends keep on inviting me to theme parks and so far I’ve refused on a sort of inkling that I might not like it, which is really a bit daft. I think next time I might just give it a go.

  2. I had fun seeing you and *love* my present and omg compliments on it which I kinda feel is almost a compliment on having such a great friend, you 🙂

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