Truly truly truly outrageous!

Jem and the Holograms

Jem and the Holograms

On Sunday I became Kimber Benton, vibrantly coloured little sister to Jem and songwriter/keytar/keyboard player for the Holograms. It was awesome, a true group effort with M, A and Giffy.

Together we judged the Cosplay contest, the competition where people try to recreate their favourite charcters. The competitors was really strong this year, lots of interesting choices of characters to do (Pyramid Head, The Tick and Arthur, Zoey from Left for Dead, a Warhammer ultramarine and a World of Warcraft mage just for a couple of examples), lots of high level impressive costumes but overall I was impressed with the nature of the group as a whole. Everyone was really sweet and polite, and supportive of each other. For example, at the start of the day when we were checking people off the list and giving them numbers (the order they would be judged and then appear on stage), they were applauding each person as they came into the room. Just a little thing, but I’m sure appreciated by those going in!

They were also super organised when it came time to getting on stage, oprganising themselves in the correct order well in advance of the time we’d been scheduled on and waiting patiently dispite many of them having costumes that were difficult to wear or shoes that were causing pain after a long day. This organisation was appreciated by us running the thing more than you can imagine. I’m sure I’m sounding like a proud mother hen, and I think I’m justified in that since I’ve been in the Cosplay nearly every year since 2002. I’m a trailblazer right? Well, whatever. I am proud of them! They are making it a competition of high standards and decent people.

It was great being in such a recognisable group, although we were only recognisable to people over a certain age….but we were appreciated! In fact I got asked out within 20 seconds of walking into Armageddon! We were asked for heaps of group photos in the afternoon, once we’d finished with the judging and we got a lot of parents explaining to their kids who we were.

Breakdown of my costume: jacket, white satin, pale blue lining made by my mother in law. Authentic 80s red heart button with white spots. My pants: Glassons sale capris painted with glitter fabric paint from Gordon Harris. It’s iron set so potentially won’t wash off but I was leaving sparkles everywhere I sat yesterday so I’m not sure. My top is a white racerback singlet with glittery red mesh ruffles sewn on. I did seperate wee armwarmers with ruffles so they’d poke out of the sleeves. My shoes are incredibly expensive number 1 shoe warehouse clearance flats. These aren’t what the character would wear, but I’m no good at heels and can’t wear them for a whole day. The colour is right though! I made the keytar and Aja’s guitar using three layers of cardboard apiece. Appropriately enough, the cardboard was taken from the boxes our Rock Band 2 game came in. There’s a lot of masking tape and layers of paint in those babies and they stood up to the hard use of the day admirably.

Hard punk rock chicks, no really!

Hard punk rock chicks, no really!

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10 thoughts on “Truly truly truly outrageous!

  1. You guys looked awesome, or in fact truly, truly, truly outrageous. (Now that line always reminds me of Adam West saying it in the Family Guy episode where he sneaks off to a sleazy motel to watch cartoons).

    Kimber was my favourite Hologram, (although really I was a Storm from the Misfits fan). Keytars are just the best 80s rock instrument ever.

  2. Sass: It’s a pretty fun photo, we did a few versions of it over the course of the afternoon.

    Debz: Yeah, I related to Kimber’s little sister-ness a lot. Stormer was the most complex character though, she was quite a decent person and yet a Misfit.

  3. I really love your costumes. I am a fashion designer and truly can appreciate the time and effort in constructing such complicated garments….I decided to become a fashion designer in the 6 grade after sseing one of the first airings of the jem cartoon way back in the early 80’s. I continue to collect all things jem and it still serves as inspiration when designing new collections. I would love to have you as a facebook contact and some of your photos to post on my sites… Kudos to you all….and I wish you continued success ….david montoya…..

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