Wednesday is when we write

Or we try to anyway. Today I had to have two lunches before I felt like I could focus on anything. To be fair the first lunch was a packet of ‘Easy Mac’ chicken flavour that I got for free at Armageddon. It was kind of awesome actually. Then I had a big salad and that was really good as in good for me, unlike the easy mac.

I then wrote a bunch of pages for a children’s story or possibly book which I had the idea for in a dream. It’s Noir for kids. I think it’ll work out well. Unfortunately my arm complained. I haven’t written longhand so much lately and I’m out of practice, it hurt me. So I had to take breaks, in which I did painting. Because apparently I have ADHD.

After I ran out of steam for “Zachery Frye, Private Eye” I remembered I’m supposed to be writing an article for RPG girl’s summer zine, dug up my notes and pounded out 1000 words. I’m writing about being a girl but playing boys. I have lost focus now so I’m wupdating you. I think my article will be pretty good, but it’s very first drafty at the moment.

I feel pretty good about today’s progress, especially since last night I went through and updated the first two chapters of Kiki based on Matt and Debbie’s input. It also feels kind of good to be writing stuff that isn’t horror as well, I think it’s good to stretch myself if I can.

In other writing related news, I’m psyched to announce that this year I’ll be on the writing team for the Jenni’s Angels 48 hour film team. I’ve never done that before, and I am looking forward to it immensely.

Links: Read copybloggers article on How twitter makes you a better writer, you see? That’s why I twitter, not because I’m an egomaniac that demands constant attention. Really.

And two self-improvement posts that spoke to me….Think Simple Now’s Soul cry and Tim Bronson’s actual true, no lies real key to self development.

I also have been reading On The Road a bit more hard out this week and this paragraph seemed relevant:

“Now you just dig them in front. They have worries, they’re counting the miles, they’re thinking about where to sleep tonight, how much money for has, the weather, how they’ll get there – and all the time they’ll get there anyway, you see. But they need to worry and betray time with urgencies false and otherwise, purely anxious and whiney, their souls won’t really be at peace unless they can latch on to an established and proven worry and having once found it they assume facial expressions to fit and go with it, which is, you see, unhappiness, and all the time it all flies by them and they know it and that too worries them no end.”

– Jack Kerouac.

Now, if there was just some simple way to stop worrying….

POV: secrets of magic
CO: Buffy game this tonight


One thought on “Wednesday is when we write

  1. Noir for kids is an awesome idea and ‘Zachery Frye, Private Eye’ sounds like a catchy title.

    I offically started my Fairy Godmother rewrite yesterday and to my surprise I really enjoyed it. It’s strangely satisfying cutting out huge chunks of writing at a time – removing an entire character and lots of background stuff helps speed up the beginning a lot. Thanks heaps for all your feedback – it’s a big help.

    Yay for being on the 48hour writing team. I think that writing is probably the most exciting role in the process – getting the genre and ingredients and figuring out how to use them is lots of fun. Plus you’ll get to work with some cool, talented writer types which should be fun.

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