Actual Play – Fall

This episode doesn’t yet have a name so I’m going to go ahead and call it: Calvin is heroic.

Monday morning, Darius is feeling like crap, magical hangover. Alex is reviewing notes in her science text book and Megan is talking with her popular friends.

In Biology class, which Calvin is actually attending, the teacher drones on about tadpoles. Melinda, Calvin’s shy, nice, girl lab partner notices something stuck to his back. She pulls it off and they both look at the symbol as it disappears. Weird. Calvin doesn’t want to talk too much about magic in front of Melinda, so he just says ‘weird’ and starts brooding about who it could have been who stuck it on his back. He decided it was William Ham. I also said I’d like to try and draw the symbol so I could show it to Darius, but I rolled a 1 on my intelligence roll. Daniel decreed that Calvin thought the symbol looked like a squirrel holding a taco.

Later in the class, Melinda put up her hand to ask a question and then passed out, falling on the floor. Since the teacher kept talking Calvin pointed out that Melinda had fallen down and needed to be taken to the nurse’s office. The teacher told Calvin off for interrupting and then asked him to take Melinda to the nurse. Calvin is always up to not be in class, and besides, Melinda is a nice girl, so he agrees. I described Calvin as scooping her up in his arms and carrying her through the school. When I was later relating this to Erik he pointed out that I should have had Calvin walk through a sprinkler or something so that his shirt got wet. Ah well, missed chances. It should also be pointed out that Alex is in the same Bio class and witnessed this all happening.

At the nurse’s office Calvin explains what’s happened to Melinda. The nurse is concerned about the temperature she’s running and makes Calvin wait too in case it’s contagious. Of course, the illness is magical and Calvin hasn’t caught it but he’s happy to stay out of class. As soon as he’s released he goes to track down William Ham. It turns out William is playing Hamlet in a drama class, Calvin decides it’s too high risk confronting him now and goes to find Darius instead. Darius after all, is the magic expert and therefore can help.

Darius is in the AV room with two of his friends, who are pretentious and wear berets as they edit their reinterpretation of ‘Citizen Kane’. Calvin turns on the light as he goes into the room.
Darius: Calvin! Do you mind?
Calvin: Not at all.
Darius: …
Darius isn’t that keen to help because he’s still feeling like crap since the magic spells the day before. Calvin however couldn’t wait, since it was clearly a spell meant to kill him. There was some argument about whether or not there was a spell that could be done to stop William Ham. While explaining why it was definitely William Ham (Calvin: because of Friday night! When I cock-blocked him. Remember? You were there. He might target you too for coming onto him. Darius: That’s a compliment, me coming onto him. ) Calvin realises that Ham might have a mad-on for Megan as well, since she ditched him. Calvin sends the enigmatic text “check your back” to Megan. She does so, and is clean. Then she excuses herself from her class with some poor acting and comes to meet up with Calvin and Darius.

Darius tells Calvin to deal with it how he normally does, so Calvin goes to lie in wait for Ham. Megan comes too, for reasons that aren’t too clear although I think she said she was worried that someone could die. At the end of the biology class Alex is asked to take Melinda’s bag and books to her in the nurse’s office and then she discovers that Melinda’s been rushed to hospital, so the illness is getting worse. Megan and Calvin both call the hospital for information on her condition. Megan fails, Calvin says he’s related and finds out that they simply don’t know what’s happening.

Megan extracts Ham from his flock of cronies by asking for a private word while Calvin waits around the corner. Once they are gone Calvin pulls Ham into the stairwell and does his thing, with the punching and the asking why he did it. Although I did manage to punch him a lot, it turns out he didn’t give me any information. If he wasn’t so damn smug I might even have believed that he had nothing to do with it. Megan helped out by pointing out that we knew he was involved with the secret society and weird shit. After a while Ham’s friends came back to help him out. Calvin is not the kind of person to back down so I got into a fight with five guys. Megan ran interference but mostly they targeted Calvin. Managed to bloody one of their noses and hurt another pretty badly, Calvin got off lightly with some damage and a split lip. I figured they didn’t hit as hard as vampires so it was an easy fight despite the number disadvantage. Megan got slammed against the wall once.

Darius unexpectedly joined in at the end, he’d drawn what he thought of was a squirrel holding a taco symbol on a post it and stuck it on Ham’s chest as he walked past, to see if there was a reaction.
Darius: This one’s for you.
Ham: Is this supposed to be funny?
Darius: In some countries they’d be rolling on the floor.

There is no reaction, Darius tries to convince Calvin that it’s not Ham.

Then it was lunchtime, Mason and Alex have a catch up.
Mason: I didn’t see you like, all weekend.
Alex: No…
Dan: You did spend the whole weekend breaking into houses didn’t you?
Sophie: well, the same house.
Jenni: over and over again.
Alex tells Mason she’s been doing a project for school with Darius and it’s taking up a lot of time. Mason reveals that he turned up for Sunday dinner at her house, as planned and enjoyed the roast without her. They arrange a date for that night to go and see a movie. Then Calvin sits down next to Mason and ruins the moment. Alex notices that Calvin is still bleeding a little and he tells them with no remorse that he was just in a fight with William and four of his friends.
Alex: William?
Calvin: William Ham. Of the Ham bench?
Alex: What?
Mason: The Ham bench. It’s over there.
Darius joins them to tell them about Ham’s reaction to the post-it and Alex mentions that Melinda has been taken to hospital, which freaks out Calvin. Megan overhears this and joins the rest of them. I can’t quite remember if Alex and Mason left or if we fast forwarded some but Darius pointed out that it could be Xavier, since I punched him a whole lot the week before. Megan still remembered his locker number so Calvin went and checked that out. There was nothing incriminating in there straight away but then Dan said I found a notepad, the same paper that had been stuck to my back. Darius went home for more sleep.

After school Alex, Megan and Calvin did a drive by of Xavier’s house but his car wasn’t there. Back to Darius’s by default. Alex let us in, since she knew where the spare key was kept. Then we all piled into Darius’s bedroom where he was crashed out on the bed, fully dressed.
Darius, dreaming: Get the clowns out of here!
Calvin: dude, wtf?

Alex got a call, I think from Mason about the date. While she was talking to him, the rest of us talked about spells and curses and how to break them.
Calvin: Can’t you cancel the spell? Or we could make him take it back?
Darius: No, I think I read something about how once a spell is cast you can’t stop it or it will like blow up in your face.
Megan: I…I don’t know much about this, obviously, but that sounds completely wrong.
Darius: Oh whatever. I don’t care.
Megan: You don’t have to know everything yet!

Megan and Darius settled into the occult library and searched for stuff on curses and counter curses. Calvin decided to head to the hospital to check on Melinda, at the last moment Alex decided to join him. Both of them were quite grumpy so Calvin blasted music in the car so she couldn’t talk to him. At the hospital, Calvin spun the brother line again and was allowed in to see Melinda. Alex at first said she was with Calvin and then clarified that she was a school friend. She was asked to wait outside. Melinda looked very bad, pale and feverish. There was a red symbol on her hand.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch Megan finds the curse in a book. She copies out the symbol to show to Darius, picks up the piece of paper and the symbol transfers to her hand and disappears. Then both of them work extra hard to find the cure, since she’s just cursed herself. Darius calls Calvin with the cure. It requires some random things: mead, feverfew, comfrey and salt. Calvin and Alex leave the hospital to track the stuff down. In the car Alex gets a text from Mason asking where she is, it’s time for their date. Alex considers and then spins him a line about her mother being annoyed with her being out all the time and having to stay home and work on a school project. Mason texts back ‘I’m at your house.’ Alex asks Calvin to let her out and then runs home, through the rain of angst. When she gets there, Mason’s car is pulling away.

Calvin collects the ingredients, the herbs in multivitamin format and returns to the hospital. He mashes the stuff together and smears it on Melinda’s palm. A nurse comes in and tells Calvin that there’s no drinking in the hospital (the mead) and checks on Melinda’s stats. Nothing has happened, so Calvin calls Darius asking how long it’s supposed to take. Darius isn’t sure, there’s no time frame mentioned in the book. He asks Calvin how it was done and thinks Calvin might have done it wrong but while they’re having that conversation Melinda wakes up and asks a nurse what’s happened. Calvin doesn’t hang up the phone, but turns to check on Melinda. She seems surprised to see him, (well, you would be) and Calvin tells her he’ll talk to her later and leaves. Calvin tells Darius that it worked and D notes ‘5 minutes’ on his book and urges Calvin to come back soon because Megan has now passed out.
Calvin: She’s passed out? Did she get cursed as well?
Darius: she kind of cursed herself.
D: and now she’s lying on the floor getting hotter.

Alex is taking an angsty rain walk through the streets when she turns into a garden, something is compelling her to go there, so she breaks off a picket from the white picket fence in case it’s her slayer sense tingling and a vampire awaits her. Instead she finds the ghostly form of Lizzie Borden, Fall River’s last slayer. They have a talk about what a slayer is, Lizzie is surprised that Alex doesn’t have a watcher.
Alex: what’s a watcher?
LB: from the council.
A: the council of what?
LB: watchers.

Calvin arrives back at Darius and hands over the cure, although he protests that he can do it himself. Darius has moved Megan out of the doorway but she’s still on the floor. Calvin lifts her onto the couch, Darius applies the cure and she wakes up.

Lizzie tells Alex that she must keep her true identity secret, and isolate herself from others. She also mentions the short life span of slayers.
A: How long were you a slayer?
LB: Six months.
A: Six months. Do you have any advice?
LB: Don’t die.

3 thoughts on “Actual Play – Fall

  1. Yeah, it really was busy. We got heaps done!

    And I just knew this was the episode where Calvin would get an online following, although I kinda thought it would be of girls. ;p

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