Quick, while they’re distracted!

No time, must clean and declutter and bake before people get here.

  • I’m doing patchwork again, bright bold fun baby quilts. I have an alphabet one that I got assembled and to the hand quilting stage in two evenings. The friendship star/starry night one is taking a bit longer but is going to look super awesome.
  • Immersing myself in superhero stories this week. Reading Soon I Will be Invincible and various Batman trade paperbacks. Resisting dressing up as a superhero so far.
  • I have a plan for a scene in the upcoming Buffy game, it may help with my dastardly plan for Calvin or it might make my plan impossible to see through. Either way it has to happen.
  • Writing has been hard lately but I got a few pages of new novel down on Wednesday. I am now worried that the whole premise is completely boring and I should scrap it. On the upside, my zine article has been positively received and I’m looking forward to edit-rewrites.
  • Monsters Vs Aliens was really good fun. I thought the 3d was pretty and unobtrusive, good jokes, good characters. I want a Ginormica action figure now. Two thumbs up, good family fun.
  • Oh and our Prime Time Adventures game is awesome. It’s really difficult and frustrating and awesome and funny and good. Plus my character had an inappropriate emotionally damaging hook up with an NPC. Oh yeah.

OK here I go wish me luck on the cleaning….


4 thoughts on “Quick, while they’re distracted!

  1. Goodluck on the cleaning! I really liked 3D monsters vs aliens too. I want an insectosaurus soft toy… life size. 🙂

  2. Margie and Giffy: Thank you and pictures will be up in a week or two when the quilts are finished.

    Sophie: bwah ha ha ha haaaaa HAAAAAA!

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