Neat stuff to look at

Via a new friend of mine on twitter, a writer called Novellife: These photos from within the barrel of waves are just gorgeous. Really stunning. I’d love to have one or two of them printed really huge and on my walls.

Clicked through from there I really enjoyed these 10 public space art installations, especially the Transformers and the Giant nest.

Cute video of the day: hedgehog eats a carrot, just 40 seconds long, you can watch it.

I’m pleased to read that Amazon stopped stocking a sexual assault video game but I am horrified it was created in the first place.

If, like me, you are going to see Starlight Express when it starts up in Wellington in just over a month you might be interested in this twitter feed of how they’re doing in 6 day a week rehearsals. There’s sometimes pictures!

Oh and check it out, Suraya made it onto stuff! (I have had no requests for postcards yet but I am still keen to post them if you want one. Let me know!)

Gah, it’s so freaking cold in Wellington today. I have witnessed I think 6 hail storms, but they’re broken up by bouts of sunshine. It’s all very confusing. Lee and I bought 6 new bookcases today (4 weeny little ones and 2 big tall ones) I think I’m gonna go start putting them together.

PoF: Not warm enough
CO: new shelveses


One thought on “Neat stuff to look at

  1. Crazy. I remember Suriya staying with me for a couple of months when she first got to London. It’s odd seeing people you know on Stuff.

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