Film Festival reviews – second week

Double Take

A strange little film. It mashed up footage of Alfred Hitchcock with news reels, clips from his movies, adverts for coffee from the same time and new footage shot with Hitchcock lookalikes. I enjoyed it very much, but Lee was bored.

It was a kind of potted history of the cold war, but mostly it was about Hitch and it also told a story about what Hitch would do if he met his exact double. Hard to explain, really, but good.

Movie info

The Black Pirate

A restored print of the 1926 Douglas Fairbanks swashbuckling action movie, accompanied by Neil Brand playing live on a grand piano. It was an awesome performance.

The movie itself was amazing, completely over the top and fun with impressive stunts and some incredibly camp moments from nowhere. Although I guess we might have brought that to it, with our modern sensibilities and knowledge of fan fiction.



How do you describe a movie like this? It’s about a weirdly controlling family where the three 20-something ‘children’ aren’t allowed to leave the house or grow up at all. It was light and funny but also very dark and strange. There were some moments of shocking violence and some touching moments where the family showed real togetherness. I was surprised about how many people walked out of this movie, I mean, it was nasty, but it was no Piano Teacher

I’m glad I saw it, just because it was an experience. I’m glad that Lee didn’t choose to go, because he would have hated it.


Animation for Kids

I enjoy seeing this animation collection because you know the shorts will have a story line to them, because otherwise the kids will get bored. Overall it was a great collection this year, and I really enjoyed several of them.


Here are my highlights that I could find on Youtube…

Catchy They Might Be Giants song (embedded in a podcast). “Oh no no, I never go to work!”

This is a sweet little song about how hard it can be to get a present for someone, gorgeously animated with paper and collage.

And the trailer for the 25 minute ‘Lost and Found’ about a boy who has his life invaded by a penguin. It was gorgeous.

The Artist’s Life

A French film about trying to make it in a creative career. There was a young girl trying to make it as a singer, an English teacher struggling with writer’s block for his second book and an actress who has become type cast after a stint voice acting for a long running anime. It was gentle and funny, with most of the frustration coming from the characters doing themselves exactly no favours. Lesson learned from this movie? You take any opportunity that comes your way and you run with it!

I love watching movies about the creative process though, it’s always so inspiring.


The Sky Crawlers

An anime movie about an alternate world where there’s a constant war going on. Over the course of the movie some strange truths were revealed, and it was very beautifully animated but overall I have to say it dragged. I was bored. Nothing much actually changed after two hours. Disappointing, but pretty.

Movie info.

2 thoughts on “Film Festival reviews – second week

  1. Did you not see Camino?

    I came out of Camino thinking that I wanted to recommend it to two people specifically: you and Ed. It was wonderful, very sad and cynical but also full of joy and love.

    • No, I thought it would be too sad. I might look it up if it comes back though…given what you’ve said.

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