Awesome Young Adult books

These books were all borrowed from the library 🙂

The Hunger Games Suzanne Collins

I can’t explain how much this book affected me. It was so involving that I dreamed I was in it. It was so exciting I read three quarters of it in one day, and then I wanted to make love to it. I was a library book though, so I returned it instead.

Story wise it’s a post apocalyptic tale about a facist-ish society where the rulers keep the rest of the country down by forcing them to offer up one boy and one girl every year to battle to the death in an all access, compulsory viewing reality TV show. One kid survives and their district gets monetary and food rewards. Our hero, Katniss, volunteers for the Hunger Games to save her innocent little sister. The book follows the whole process, going to the capital city to get made over and the politics surrounding the games and then of course, the game itself.

It is good, check it out.

So Yesterday Scott Westerfeld

I want to be an innovator so bad. Some of the time I think I am one, and that makes me really happy, but some of the time I think I’m just a trendsetter or even an early adopter.

This book is about trends, and how trends are made, and how they are marketed. It’s also about copyright infringements, cultural terrorism and falling in love. It’s a classic Westerfeld actioner, really pacey and exciting, but maybe a little less out there than the Uglies or Peeps books.

Intensely Alice Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

The latest in my beloved Alice series kind of left me thinking ‘meh’. I can’t quite put my finger on why. I’m wondering if its because Alice isn’t ringing very true as a nearly-18 year old. Or maybe it’s because I’m annoyed that she keeps coming back to the boy she dated when she was 10 years old.

Being Nikki Meg Cabot

The sequel to Airhead and what I’ve come to refer to as Meg Cabot does sci-fi. I found this one not as good as Airhead, I think because it was quite repetitive. There was a lot of Em agonising over whether or not she could ever be with her true love, and it got a little old. On the other hand, the story picked up a lot towards the end and it got very exciting.

I wished there was more of her actually doing modeling, but I guess that’s not what the book is really about.

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