Things I Love Thursday

Random scattered TiLT this week, because that’s what my brain’s like.

Today I am happy that I finished my character’s part of The Event. You should go and read it and comment with what you thought, because I love feedback of any description.

Tiger Hat. Blankets Owl. Craft 2.0. Ordering stuff online, especially with gift certificates. Getting stuff delivered at work. Watching my strawberry plants grow.

I really need to add photos to this, but my camera battery is charging. I think there will be a follow up photo post later on, maybe tomorrow.

Playtesting my Kapcon game and it being awesome. Finding out my Kapcon game in the second round of Kapcon is *already full*…turns out there’s a market for OTT emo supernatural teen romance ;p

New songs on Rock Band. Working out harmonies on Beatles Rock Band. Hiring a cleaner (so bourgeois, but it will make me and Lee happier…). Rewatching season one Buffy (so cute). New TV that rocks such as Californication. Thinking of new stuff that I could do, like selling stuff on felt. Browsing The smell of dinner cooking.

My lovely, awesome, impressive friends.

My wonderful family.

My tiger hat.

Wednesday Writing

So, I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but my flow has been a little….lacking in the last week or two. I guess it got stuck? I dunno. Maybe it’s the Katamari. Maybe it’s the being insanely busy doing awesome stuff with awesome people. Maybe I just got a teensy bit of writer’s block. Whatever it was it’s gone now.

Today I took a drastic step that has been recommended to me all over the place by other writers. I turned off the internet. That’s right, I got home from work today and unplugged the router, which is also the phone line, thus ensuring no distractions. Then I got my head together, had a nap and then wrote around 2 and a half thousand words of a scene so dramatic and moving I actually got upset.

I’m hoping that’s a good sign, that my characters are real enough that I can get upset for them. I think it bodes well for the eventual readers. I also managed to write most of my part 5 for the event. I should be able to get that sorted and posted pretty soon.

So all that means that I still had the flow, I was just allowing myself to be distracted from it. I guess I got a little bored and that was all the excuse I needed to spend my time checking twitter, facebook, my blog stats, cute overload….anything at all that the internet had to offer. Removing that tempation had a magical effect. My Rain novel is now past 36k and I’m heading into the danger territory. Not for me, for my characters. I’m chasing her right up that tree and then I’m going to throw stuff at her for a while. Should be good.

(also I’ve added a wee tag for this new novel. I shall go back and link the previous entries into it…)

Some good writing linky this week.

I freaking love Gail Carson Levine’s writing, and I can’t believe I didn’t know she had a blog. A writing tips blog at that! I really, really enjoyed this article on ways to introduce suspense into your stories.

This storyfix article presents a great way to take another look at your work. Storytelling exercised that can get you published.

I also enjoyed this article about writer’s block and how to use it.

Awesome stuff

Daniel posing with Seth, I'm on the phone!

Daniel posing with Seth, I'm on the phone!

So, I talked to Seth Green. As in, I had a phone call, and when I hung up and I was asked ‘who was that?’ I was able to reply ‘Seth Green.’

Um, amazing! Jay was in Auckland for Armageddon and met him. I had an over the top fangirl reaction on twitter so when Jay met him again, he got him to talk to me. I was pretty stunned, and I don’t think I said much, Seth kept the conversation going so it was all good.

Hee hee, I talked to Seth Green!

Craft 2.0 was awesome again, I got lots of lovely lovely jewellery, some gifts for others and my new soul mate: Blankets Owl. Made by stripeysock, just looking at him makes me grin like an idiot. It’s love.


Also, writers who like to read about writing? If you’re not already you should totally be following inkyelbows on twitter. She has the best links to awesome writing related stuff…

My new novel

Another twitter feed update, because y’all seemed to like the last one…

How much am I loving this extra time to write? 1000 words already, is how much. 4:21 PM Oct 5th from web

My first extra afternoon off a week. It’s Tuesdays. I’m at the point where I can easily sit down and make myself write for at least an hour. Next: work on writing for at least two hours!

how many times can I have the ghost startle Rain before it gets tired? At least once more I’m thinking.
3:21 PM Oct 10th from web

I am aware of repeating myself action and line wise in this story. I think it’s a theme thing. I think it’s a good thing. Plus, if you were a snarky dead girl, wouldn’t you love scaring the shit out of your living best friend? I think you would.

Some breakthroughs in my novel 🙂 3:40 PM Oct 10th from web

This is about realising all the ways I can make drama for Rain with my various secondary characters. I can’t remember for sure though…I just remember that it was an awesome moment, and I meant every bit of that smiley emoticon.

@ajackwriting @rabarts must be a bad writing night, I’m having trouble with mine too, no idea what should happen next…
10:15 PM Oct 11th

Twitter is a seriously awesome instant networking tool. I was procrastinating, having issues with what next, I went on twitter and saw that these two guys were having trouble too. Somehow just knowing that others were out there having similar issues helped me. In fact…

@ajackwriting LOL, nice. I have just hd a breakthrough! Cut to the other lead! Let’s see what he’s doing! Might work for you?
in reply to ajackwriting

Oh, so ajackwriting had said he had his character up a tree but he couldn’t work out how to get him down again. I on the other hand, mixed up my narrative and found the flow again.

@rabarts yeah, I was doing that, but then I thought too many scenes of Rain having family/friend dramas back to back gets boring
@rabarts so I’m breaking it up with some insight into Jake, his tragic past, how cool he is and probably him getting beat up

10:45 PM Oct 11th from web

In response to my earlier post about being stuck Dan brought out the old ‘make it worse for your lead’ line.

Woo, Jake cutaway scene is written, somewhat influenced by Supernatural, I have to say ;p
4:16 PM Oct 12th from web

Finished the spooky action scene for Jake, threw in some humour, some monster hunting lore and a set up for a nasty plot twist at the end of the book. It was all very much like Supernatural but as long as you’re aware of your influences and put your own twist on them, it’s OK right?

Things I Love Thursday


I ❤ my hubby!

  • My birthday!
  • Does this need explaining? I don’t think so.

  • Spoonflower has their print on demand shop up and running. This means that you can buy custom designed fabric. It also means that if you are feeling arty you could design fabric and upload it to the site. I made on order from there on Sunday using the gift voucher Svend and Star gave me for my birthday and I discovered that the person who’s design you buy is informed of it and can message you through the site! It’s really sweet, getting these messages from other fabric/craft geeks asking what I’m going to use it for and thanking me for choosing their designs.
  • New books! Between my friends and my workplace I had a fair amount to spend at Borders. I went there Wednesday after work and picked up: a fancy hard cover copy of Ballet Shoes by Noel Stretfield, Leviathan, the new Scott Westerfeld, 3 bright orange Penguin classics (The Chrysalids, War of the Worlds and Frankenstein). Nom nom, new books. Add this to the copy of Voyagers I bought on Monday night, the order I made on for the older Scott Westerfeld books I don’t have (plus a couple of others) and the books people have given me….well, I’m in new book heaven. Now, to find some time to sit and read!
  • Delicious, wonderful, personal birthday presents. I am so pleased when people choose to give me something, and when it is so clearly carefully chosen and thoughtful, well I can’t help but squee! I have strawberry plants on my balcony, baking related things to play with, crafty things and so many beautiful notebooks. So many notebooks to fill with fiction! Not to mention all the other lovely toys and games and weird and wonderful things I received. I am so blessed 🙂
  • Well, this is all implied above as well, but my friends. I had an incredible time at my party on Saturday, singing karaoke, dancing, eating cupcakes and pizza, drinking, seeing friends from different circles make friends with each other. It was amazing. Special shout outs to Paul for getting the karaoke started and my cupcake girls Giffy, Regan and Sophie for the baking of the deliciousness. I’ve had a lot of complements and I’m sure not everyone ate one of mine! My heart was just bursting with happiness and love after Saturday night and I couldn’t stop grinning all day Sunday. Thanks to all who came!

Honourable Mentions: Wholly pizzas, roleplaying, the library, Katamari Forever, Wednesdays wth WIT, old Critic clips on youtube and getting photos printed.

I *heart* science!

Listen to me, listen to me!

Writing update

What with my birthday last week and organising a party and having a party and generally being busy, I kind of lost the flow. Then when I tried to pick it up again on Sunday (when I may have been ever so slightly hung over), I couldn’t do it.

Naturally I was terrified. How delicate is my flow that if I put it down for just a few days it’s gone forever? I lamented. I panicked. I lived in fear. I actually considered not trying to finish it….

Then the madness passed. Yesterday for my afternoon off, even though Lee was at home sick, I faced the fear, opened up the word document and started writing again. Guess what? My flow came back. *Dances about.*

I am past 33k words now, which is showing as 62 standard format word doc pages. I have introduced a new character to gum up the works, and had a pretty awesome plot twist occur to me. Conversations and dialogue continue to be easy as, and although me and my main character are aching for the action we’ll just have to wait a little longer.

This may have all been helped by the poetry reading I attended on Monday evening at the library. It was to promote the new New Zealand science fiction poetry publication Voyagers, as edited by Tim Jones and Mark Pirie. It’s been ages since I saw poetry read live, and by ages I mean….maybe 6 years? I’d forgotten how much I enjoy poems.

The science fiction theme is an unusual one for poetry but it fits remarkably well. My favourite ones are the mind twisty ones and the funny ones, and the funny ones when they are mind twisty. The whole book should be fun to read. I would have totally hung around after it and asked all the poets there to sign my copy but I was really hungry so I went home for dinner instead. The inspiration was still there though. Poems are intimidating because you really have to think about every single word. You have to with novels and short stories as well of course, but with poems it is so much more important. You only have a few words and you have to make them count.

I wonder if I should try writing poems again. I used to be quite good at it.

PoF: Awesome new hoodie from Evie and Jarratt

Actual Play – Fall ‘Family Ties’

In England, Darius and Calvin are being driven by a young and enthusiastic slayer called Amelia. She goes very fast and doesn’t look at the road that often.
Calvin: Um, which side of the road are we meant to be on?
Amelia: whichever one’s empty.

She tells them stories about the various monsters she’s slain and Darius mentions that they have their own bone demon. (Haruni). Calvin asks her what she knows about evil twins from another dimension and how to defeat them.
Amelia: you’d have to talk to the technical department about that.

Monday morning at school, Fall River. Alex is looking for Calvin who is not there at all. Mason tracks her down instead.
Mason: Hey, I’m sorry about your brother.
Alex: Thanks. Continue reading