Wednesday Writing

So, short entry today because I have a driving need to bask in the sunshine which is coming into my lounge.

First, a huge celebration because my little spooky story Infection has been accepted for publication. It will be in Wellington lit mag Enamel when it next comes out – March 2010. Awesome awesome awesome. I was *that close* to giving up on it and just sticking it up here on my blog. Now I don’t have to!

In other news I churned out two thousand words of the work in progress today, moving them through the start of the climactic battle and shuffling some stuff up. Good times. Good times. This (and the other writing sessions I’ve had through the week) bring my word count up to 58,018, so yay!

Woops, forgot a couple of linkys….

Matt’s short story ‘Murray the Sex Machine’ is up here. Go read it and comment. I haven’t commented, but I have read it, and it’s awesome.

The final part of The Event is up and the site has had a redesign to look more swanky. Go check it out…

Point of Fashion: One Fine Day
Current Obsession: Wheeee good things happen.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Writing

  1. Woo hoo! Congrats on finding a good home for Infection. That’s awesome.

    Well done on the productive novel writing too. 🙂

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