Things I Love Thursday

  • Getting Infection published! It’s really nice to look forward to seeing, and I’m chuffed that it found a happy home eventually. Plus, now I can add that publishing credit to my query letters!
  • Lunch with Steve in the sun. Sunshine, salad, Steve, kid across the lagoon practising parkour. All good.
  • My Lee, who took me out for dinner and improv comedy last night and it was awesome.

Honourable Mentions: Friends new and old, Geek soaps, Spring Awakening soundtrack, wordcount increasing, opportunities, thinking about awesome things that could happen in the future, sleeping in, sunshine, Christmas coming and burger fuel burgers.

You’ve probably already seen this, as it’s been doing the rounds, but it’s awesome, so check it out: Muppet Bohemian Rhapsody:

And you? What are you thankful for this beautifully sunny Wellington day?


4 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. TiLT (man it is hard at the moment)…

    Making and throwing ‘Amazing paper planes’ (with beautiful paper provided in the book)and reading ‘The Pushcart War’ with J (he found it on the shelf and is fascinated) and hearing about his ever-changing plans for his birthday party and what he did at creche today with his “men”. He is so intense!

    Reading ‘Harry the Dirty Dog’ (which was my favourite biook when I was small) to T… and singing bedtime songs with him… he loves playing the rhyming game at the end of ABC and he laughs and laughs if I come up with something new… his favourites are “climb up a tree” and “jump like a flea”

    Getting fitter… not thinner though…

  2. TiLT:
    Snuggling under a warm duvet listening to the rain beat down and the wind blow;
    Walking through the streets of Oxford past all the beautiful yellow stone colleges on a freezing cold, clear, crisp morning as the sun rises;
    Travelling to new countries for the weekend;
    Chip butties – so tasty!;
    Phone calls from my family.

  3. TilT:

    Listening to my two girls giggle while playing a game together. (Its great that Sophie is now getting a bit older and wanting to engage with Ayla);
    My wonderful hubby Luke;
    Friends and Family;
    The SUN – I was in such a good mood yesterday while playing in the sun. Even went down to the beach and splashed in the waves.

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