Checklist, where my writing is at

Novel number 1 – Kiki
(a children’s book about magic and another world.)

Malingering. I am determined to give the first three chapters another rewrite and then try submitting those to a publisher or two. If they say no I’ll chalk it up to first novel syndrome and backburn it for good. Feeling distanced from this project, almost disgusted with it.

Novel number 2 – What’s the Worst That Could Happen?
(Superhero chick-lit)

In the query letter stage. I’m trying it on American lit agents…Feeling hopeful, have confidence in the manuscript, although if I get one more rejection I will rewrite the first chapter, want to make it more awesome.

Novel number 3 – Amy/book club/not sure of the title
(Kid’s book with huge series potential.)

First draft written up longhand, waiting to be typed up and redrafted. I will do this once Rain is finished to get some mental distance. I have sufficient distance from this project now that I don’t really feel anything for it. Best time to redraft it!

Novel number 4 – Rain
(Young adult supernatural romance)

Currently demanding all my writing attention and writing itself. Rain is pushy, I get panicky if I don’t write ‘enough’ (which is two thousand words in a day now) and I’m looking forward to getting it finished. I want to write some other stuff! I’m also ridiculously pleased at how easy this first draft has been. I feel like one of those wanky Romantic poets describing themselves as a harp that the wind of inspiration blows through. I just sit down and write and I don’t have to think about it. Perfection.

Short Stories: Infection

Accepted for publication by Enamel magazine! All sorts of win.


I need to make a decision or two about this story and rewrite with those decisions made. Once that’s done, I’ll be able to start on the submission cycle with it again. I have a couple of likely possibilities lined up. Must find The Point of this story and make it punchy.


Needs another edit I think. I might stretch the time line out a bit, make things a little more dangerous for my protagonist, make sure the story has the impact I mean it to. Once that’s done I can start shopping it around.

To do:
Moar short stories!
– I wanna try another erotic story for Filament, there’s a few online magazines that are looking for spec fic, I should try some children’s short stories so I can shop those around.
Type up the Amy/book club book


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