Rewatching Annie

So many things I never noticed about this movie when I was a kid…

It’s set in the depression. “It’s an awful time to be out of work Miss Hannigan,” is what Grace Farrell says to Miss Hannigan to convince her to let Annie come to Mr Warbucks’s mansion.

Miss Hannigan is a drunken slut. No seriously, she bathes in gin, she always has a bottle in her hand and she comes on to every male character that isn’t her brother. She’s completely insane actually, as evidenced in the song Little Girls in which she reveals that she is so sick of her job that she actually fears the kids she looks after.

Annie is a feisty and amazing female lead. She beats up street urchins to save a stray dog, she takes every opportunity possible to better her life, talks back to bullies, intelligently convinces Mr Warbucks to keep her even though everyone else is terrified of him and is basically amazing.

Shockingly, Richard Gilmore from Gilmore Girls plays FDR. It’s really hard to recognise him in the make-up and so much thinner.

It’s such a lovely movie, about love and hope and optimism and of course, catchy songs!


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