Wednesday Writing update

Big week, writing Rain wise. I’ve topped 64k words, worked my characters through the climactic battle with the evil fairground owner, various demons and an unscheduled trip to another dimension and come out the other side to deal with the aftermath. And I don’t use the word ‘work’ up there lightly, these scenes have been complex and confusing. I kind of dread the rewrite where I get to check if it makes any sense at all.

On the other hand, the flow has been there once I’ve got over my initial fears and made myself write, so there’s that.

Plus, I definitely have the end of the book in sight now, and that’s a refreshing feeling. I quite want a.) a break from writing and b.) the chance to write other stuff. Once Rain is first drafted then I can have a mental holiday.

Oh, and I’m finally up to date with tagging all my old blog entries, so if you want to read the writing process for any of my novels, just click the link in the tag cloud to the right: Kiki, wtwtch or Rain, respectively. Fun times.

Writing linky for this week:

Ask a Literary Agent tackles a question about word counts. Basically don’t make it harder on yourself by writing a book which is shorter or longer than industry standard. (There’s lots of good looking stuff on that blog, but I’ve only skimmed the first page.)

The dompost has a writing competition, the theme is ‘my best lesson,’ to tie in with with the New Zealand Council for Educational Research. It closes Sunday, but it’s only 500 words. Must figure out what my best lesson is…

I’m a little too frightened to read Confessions of a mid-list author, but you might want to.

OMG how I love this quote from J.D. Salinger. So so much.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Writing update

  1. Confessions of a mid-list Author is interesting reading – and not so daunting when placed alongside comments made by mid-list NZ writers (who almost invariably have day jobs).

    She notes the struggle to get a second book published after poor sales of book #1, but still lists advances of $150,000, $10,000, $80,000… A big dip in the middle there but still serious folding money 🙂

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