Things I Love Thursday

Tough list today, I didn’t sleep right last night and have had a bit of a grumpy day. Which is, of course, the best possible time and way to write a TiLT list.

  • Toasted sandwiches. Salami, mushroom and cheese on molenberg, left in the press until the outside is a medium brown for optimum crunch. Nom.
  • Christmas is coming, and you might notice that my blog is a bit more festive….It’s snowing! Yay for wordpress. Anyway, I started my Christmas baking and made a tray and a half of gingerbread. It was really, really yummy and I ate almost all of it. Nom. I have plans and crafts and stuff, I’m quite excited really.
  • Going to Craft 2.0 I got Lee to come, and we picked up a couple of Christmas present, and it was nice. I like meeting the crafters, I like seeing the pretties, and I like to see if there’s stuff there I could make myself.
  • Matt’s worked his lulu-esque magic and over on his blog you can download a pdf of The Event for free. It’s all prettied up and has photos in it, some of them by me!
  • Tim Jones interviewed Sally! Check it out, awesome.

Honourable Mentions: Free beer! Making things, writing, my PJ shorts, new TV, stuff that gets delivered to me at work, my darling friends, fun stuff to do on the weekend, pepper spray and the movie of the The Time Traveller’s Wife.

(ETA, I just realised I never explained this video. I am totally obsessed with Spring Awakening since Sophie gave me the soundtrack. I am really into this song ‘Don’t do sadness’. The events around the song are pretty sad, but I love love love the song and Lee has had to listen to me singing it all week. The counterpart ‘Blue wind’ is also quite lovely. Now, to find a production of Spring Awakening who will cast me as Moritz…..)

Please share your own TiLT list below.


3 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Our Christmas tree… which is small and fake but has cute wooden toys and red baubles (J’s fave word at the mo “Can you get us up when it’s dark so we can see the baubles with the Christmas tree lights) and some creche Christmas decorations from prev years…

    Finishing my assignment and cramming it into an envelope to post in the morning

    Kissing T’s cute armpits and his cute round tummy and making him giggle… man, I will so not be doing that when he is a teenager!

    My new running shoes… gave me blisters but make me feel like I have springs in my legs!

    Going to my 1st ever roller derby on Saturday…

  2. TILT
    – Wheat bags
    – warm swimming pool
    – Nice new storage system
    – Officially being healthy with healthy baby
    – Yum Cha (I’ve had it twice this week)
    – my family, who are doing such a great job watching out for me.

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