Christmas tree, Frank Kitts Park

Last night after a wicked awesome roller derby, I went to Frank Kitts Park to check out the Telecom Christmas tree. I’d seen it during the day and wondered about it. To put it simply, it’s amazing and you have to check it out.

It’s all strings of lights with a big atom thingy on top. The lights cycle through various colours and there are cushions set up underneath it so you can lie back and experience the tree from within. There are also phone booths set up connected to the tree where you can call Santa and leave a message with your Christmas wish. When someone does that, the tree gets extra colourful and the atom on top gets awesome.

Sitting underneath it, I felt a little bit like my ship had gone into hyperspace. It was awesomely pretty and I highly recommend it.


2 thoughts on “Christmas tree, Frank Kitts Park

  1. We did that after after roller derby kebabs:-) I found it very relaxing [I think I need a portable one with a personal bean-bag for those moments when my life is a bit much… probably more constructive than sitting in the toilet cubicle at work with my head in my hands]

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