Rain: the finishing.

So, I put off writing for like, three days, because I was scared to finish writing Rain.

Let’s examine that sentence for a moment. I was keen to finish Rain so that she’d leave me alone and I could do other stuff, remember? I knew that I *could* finish Rain, I didn’t have a block about what had to happen or any fear that the flow wouldn’t be there for me to hop into….but I was scared.

I guess when it came down to the crunch I just didn’t want it to be over! I had a conversation with Lee about it over brunch, although I had to explain that I didn’t want him to ‘fix’ things, I just wanted to talk about the emotions. He had to accept that it was completely irrational, but there it was. I think this conversation helped me a lot.

I listened to a thematically linked song from Spring Awakening Those you’ve known, which is about ghosts comforting the living. I turned off the internet and I sat and wrote. I wrote a very sad scene, and some reconcilatory ones and what I hope is an empowering and exciting ending that leads easily to a sequel.

So yay, hooray, woop woop and huzzah. I have written another novel!


7 thoughts on “Rain: the finishing.

  1. Well done! I sometimes have mixed feelings about finishing a draft – it’s immensely satisfying but a little sad because it feels like the fun is coming to an end. However, you don’t have to be away from Rain for long. There’s all the subsequent redrafting, revisions and editing to come. 🙂

  2. Thats awesome Jenni – big ups to you and *hugs*

    What youre saying about being scared of finishing reminds me of that Nelson Mandela speech – that its not our failures we are most scared of but our successes ^^

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