Fall actual play – ‘High tea with Haruni’

AKA: the one where both male lead characters are bitten by vampires.

It’s the silly season, unfortunately this means that we’re all getting busy and although we thought we would only be down one Megan, Sophie got a Hell headache and that meant no Alex as well.

So Dan, Norm and I played sausage fest High tea with Haruni.

Finally released from prison, Darius who is a little sleep deprived and loopy calls Alex, who is not there. He tries Megan’s phone and gets a slightly grumpy answerphone message saying that she’s being forced to have dinner with her mother and Jim Lock. Darius then calls Calvin, who answers. Last choice, but totally the best one since Calvin has Darius’s dog. Calvin drives Nebby over to Darius’s house and catches him up on all the stuff that they’ve been getting up to without him.

They’re both at a loose end, Alex hasn’t called Calvin to say she’ll be patrolling so he has nothing much to do and Darius, although somewhat punchy from the 48 ish hours spent in police custody is keen to get out and about.

They go shopping. Calvin is getting bored of still being bruised the day after a fight when Alex heals right away so he’s started thinking about body armour. They head to the Fall River army and navy supply store for just such useful stuff. Darius finds something appropriate, I think it was a ballistic sweatshirt? Calvin chose a long, black, SS style leather trenchcoat, because it’s totally awesome. Plus, the only thing they had in his size that wasn’t pink camo. They also got a crossbow, some knives and a pink camo vest thing for Megan.

When the store keeper saw how much Calvin was laying out for all the stuff they were invited into the ‘back room’ where there were guns and grenades and claymores. Calvin’s eyes lit up but Darius is the voice of reason.
D: No.
C: but, grenades!
D: Yeah, do you know how far away you have to be from those when they go off?
C: No.
D: No. You’re not getting them.
C: *sigh*

They didn’t end up buying anything from the back room, but Calvin may go back. Without Darius.

The boys then headed up to visit Haruni, stocking up on snack cakes on the way there, since it seems unlikely that Haruni would have had anything like that before. Haruni welcomes them in, his terrifying ice sculptures have melted so the entrance to his cave is less unsettling. Inside he is using some sort of weird battery operated monster to excavate another room. The boys are complimentary about the changes he’s made. He’s incorporated Darius’s suggestion of windows, although each window seems to open into another dimension, giving the room an eerie number of sunbeams from various directions. The landscapes all seem to be various blasted Hell-like deserts. Very homey.

Haruni is talking to them via his re-purposed portable TV, which is showing Parkinson, although neither American boy recognises him. Haruni asks where their friends are and asks politely if they are gestating. Calvin explains that Alex and Megan are both grumpy, but not gestating as far as they know. Haruni enquires after their problems and suggests that if Alex is worried about her brother coming to harm she should just grow another one. If Megan is unhappy about her mother’s boyfriend, she should challenge him to a duel. Calvin and Darius nod.

Haruni then shows them something weird he found around the park, he opens a long thin drawer to reveal a vampire strapped there. Darius and Calvin explain how these things are dead, but walk around and feed on human blood. Haruni mentions that they seem to have a bad reaction to his tea. He demonstrates, putting a drop of the interdimensional tea onto the vampire, who hisses. The vampires body shifts strangely and then explodes into dust.
Haruni: If these things drink your blood, maybe if you drank the tea it wouldn’t be attractive to them?
Calvin: Let’s give it a go, I’m keen.
Darius: So, the vampires wouldn’t like our blood?
C: How long would it last?
Haruni holds up a bottle of whiskey: how long would this stay in your system?
Darius: Depends on how much you drunk.
H: How much would you drink?
D + Calvin:…
Darius: I’d only have a little.
Calvin: Half a bottle.

Haruni boils water by placing two crystals together below a pot. In seconds the water is steaming and he makes up two vases of tea for the boys. Calvin throws his back, it tastes awful but is gone. Darius sips his and makes the terrible taste last much longer. Then they all pile into Kermit and go monster hunting. That’s right, vampire hunting with Haruni! Calvin drives to the cemetery, since that’s usually where the vampires lurk. Haruni mixes some gold dust with the dust of a vampire, the mixture floats on the air, splits into three and creates paths through the air in three directions.

Haruni stalks off after one of the paths. There are the brief sounds of a struggle and then he reappears, holding a vampire in front of him by both shoulders. The vampire is, understandably, freaked out and trying to get away. Haruni gestures to Darius, indicating his neck. Darius doesn’t move, but Calvin steps forward. He pulls his sleeve up, revealing his left forearm and sticks it in front of the vampire’s face. The vampire is too freaked even to take the bait, so Haruni forces his head forward and onto Calvin’s arm. The vamp’s teeth break the skin and the vampire latches on. Calvin grimaces in pain.
The vampire pulls back, its expression one of disgust. Then there’s movement under the vamp’s skin, like the bones are shifting. The vamp starts to scream and it explodes into dust.

Haruni tracks down the second vampire and returns with it neatly folded and held firmly under his arm. It appears that he’s broken its bones to fold it more conveniently but it’s hard to feel sympathy for a vampire. Calvin and Darius track the third vampire, but it’s too late, an empty grave shows that this newest vamp is gone and Darius isn’t willing to chase it down. Haruni heads home to experiment on the vampire. Calvin convinces Darius to go clubbing, after all, what’s the worst that could happen hunting vamps tonight? A vamp bites you and the explodes.
Darius: Yes, but we only have so much blood.
They head to the Limit, where they find Martha and Mason at a booth, having some sort of serious conversation. I can’t remember why, but it was to do with Darius feeling out of it, but Darius put his arm around Calvin to make it look like they were out ‘together’.
Calvin: dude, what are you doing?
Darius: I have a reputation to uphold.
C: So do I. Let go.
Mason: dude?

Calvin tries to convince Mason that he is not, in fact, gay, but hanging out with Darius. When Mason asks why he doesn’t really have a good reason for it, which doesn’t help. Calvin spots a possible vamp at the bar, just wearing jeans and a vest.
Calvin gestures with his head towards the bar so Darius will look.
Darius: Huh? Oh yeah, look at that guy, he’s dressed so weirdly.
Calvin: Yeah. It’s almost like he can’t feel the cold.
D: Hmm?… oh right!
Darius fumblingly approaches the vampire and tries to pick him up. The vamp is open to this, even leaving table of other people to go with Darius.
Calvin tries to explain this away by saying that he’s Darius’s wing man. It doesn’t really fly. Calvin goes to wait outside, assuming Darius will lead the vamp outside for ease of slaying. Unfortunately Darius hears the call of nature and the vampire follows him into the men’s room.
In the bathroom, Darius tries to talk out of it but the vampire moves fast, biting him in the neck. Thankfully the interdimensional tea blood has the desired effect and the vamp is dusted. Darius texts Calvin “he tried to get me in the toilet, I’m bleeding, help”. Self consciously, Calvin goes back into the club and heads toward the men’s room. Mason shakes his head, but Calvin pretends not to understand why and tries the door.

They rig up a bandage for Darius’s neck with a scarf and leave in a hurry. Darius is feeling less like hunting after this so Calvin drives him home.

The next day, Darius tries the number that Henrietta Calendar gave him for the Watchers. He gets an answerphone message, Andrew saying he’s off somewhere incredibly secret doing secret and important. Part way through the message Darius leaves Andrew picks up and they have a conversation.
Andrew: sorry what did you say your name was?
Darius: Darius…Darius.
A: Darius Darius?

Darius asks about this ‘Giles’ character but Andrew says he’s kind of a free agent now, and not involved in the council activities.

D: so what exactly do watchers do?
A: Well, have you ever seen someone about to be hit and yelled ‘watch out behind you?’
D: Yeah, it didn’t work out that well.
A: Well, if you’d been an experienced watcher it would have gone better.

They talk a bit about Darius’s parents and the magic he’s tried out.
A: It sounds like you’ve taken your stroll down the dark side of the force.
D: I guess so.
A: Do you have a tortured soul?
D: Yeah, I guess.
A: How tall are you?

Andrew promises to try to find out more about what happened with Darius’s parents and they hang up.

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6 thoughts on “Fall actual play – ‘High tea with Haruni’

  1. It was quite amusing that Norm didn’t realise that there was strong subtext around Andrew given his own character…I think Andrew is going to have to make a cameo visit.

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