Writing Wednesday

So, having finished Rain I have been feeling free and happy and joyous and light. Unfortunately I have been feeling *so* free, happy, joyous and light I haven’t motivated myself properly to do much else.

I have reviewed/edited the start of Dan’s novel, so that’s something I achieved. My next thing to get done is review my short stories, as per last week’s list. I will get to that right after I’ve rested my eyes for a minute or two.


What a rejection letter means and What a form letter rejection means. Brilliant blog.

Gail Carson Levine talks about dialogue. I think I have to add her to my list of famous authors on the side there. I love her work and her blog is interesting too. Might have a go at one of those writing prompts too…

Do you want a free book? I am downloading it now šŸ™‚

Meg Cabot linked me to a different episode, but I freaking love Smart Girls at the Party. This one is about a writer, and may have Job from Arrested Development dancing right at the end. So good.


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