Things I Love Thursday


Work Christmas party tonight. TM treats us good at Christmas time. Our gifts this year are a TM branded chiller bag stuffed with treats and a Huffer tshirt. The shirt is really cute, a map of NZ made up of all sorts of stuff. The bag includes wine, Mac’s green apple soda, candies, snack foods, chocolate raisins….all good. Tonight it’s the Amazing Race followed by dinner and drinks. Then next week we have a team party as well!

I’m thankful also for my Lee, I’ve been so busy lately I feel like I’ve hardly seen him. Love that guy.

Clean house! Had a long drawn out situation with the cleaning agency but yesterday I had cleaning happen and out house is now shiny. Plus, I got writing stuff done while they were here.

Christmas Christmas Christmas! My tree has presents wrapped up under it, it looks really good. I can’t wait!

Zombieland is such a fun film. It’s just genuinely funny and good. I really liked Woody Harrelson in it and spoiler spoiler spoiler. Ah. Go see it.

Honourable Mentions: Sweet Mother’s Kitchen, cocktails before a movie, Advent calendars, orange flavoured M&Ms, my interpretive dance tshirt, internet shopping for Christmas presents and reading good books.


7 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. TiLT: Having a show to go to tonight and having lovely people come along to support (and hopefully have a good time too)! Not so loving the nerves right now though:/

    Also loving summertime cherries – om nom nom!

  2. I’m feeling a bit grumpy now, which is why this is good for me.

    Hydrotherapy. Seriously, I was tired and rundown feeling this morning and then I went to warm pool and gentle exercise and floating and chatting and felt sooo good after.

    Synchronicity. I thought I’d go do crafting at the in-laws between hydrotherapy and midwife appointment and thought, whoops, I haven’t told MiL and when I got there, she was having a lunch with people over and they all expected me to be there because she’d meant to tell me and had forgotten! I even got given flowers 🙂

    Summer fruit. Even if the weather is being crazy, I am still getting to eat yummy strawberries, plums boysenberries and hopefully cherries soon.

    Whanau and friends. Every day there is someone who calls or texts me to check that I’m ok. I really appreciate it. It’s so great knowing that people care about me and Sweets.

    Beau. He’s working long hours this week and very tired, but he makes sure to call me at least once a day from work, just to tell me that he’s thinking of me and that he loves me.

  3. [A bit grumpy too… with less justification than Giffy… it is hot times for pregnancy]

    Green things from my garden… I have eaten salad veges I grew every day this week

    Happy little boys “helping” to bake a cake that looks pretty scary (bright green icing with red cherry star) but is really chocolate brownie so should be yum

    T’s imaginary cat, Polly

    Sharing ‘The Pushcart War’with J

  4. It’s still Thursday so I can TiLT:

    Buying tinsel and snowmen earrings for ridiculous Christmassy show dressing up.
    Water when your throat is dry and you need to sing. Sooo good!

  5. TilT:
    – Shopping for children’s books for my nieces
    – Shops selling out of Filament and ordering more – YAY
    – Scrambled eggs
    – Handwritten post

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